Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hexies Happened!

I did get sewing done yesterday! Just picture me (along with Hubby) in our recliners watching Netflix with quilts over our laps. I stitched my heart out!

I've been taking my daily project photos on our screened porch each day. It gets wonderful morning light and a large ottoman makes the perfect neutral background. But this piece is almost too big for the ottoman! Once I add three more star points the piece will be drooping over the ottoman sides. So the next photo will have to be on the floor I guess!

I'm so happy I remade the star points - I really like these much better!

And yes, I finally finished basting Allietare so I now have our dining room table back to normal with a lovely Christmas Poinsettia and candles.

Today I'll probably work on hexies again. And maybe I'll pick up the next Farmer's wife block - it's been sorely neglected lately with my hexies taking over my attention.

I might even work on Clue 3 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery, En Provence. I see it's another easy one - more four patches. If I can knock that out, I'll have a free day this week to work on something else. I wouldn't mind having two days this week for machine quilting.

I do love having a schedule for my quilting projects. Without it I would be tempted to work on one project all the time. The schedule keeps me accountable to myself so I can move several projects forward at the same time. Life is too short to only make one quilt at time! Don't your agree???

Have a blessed day!


  1. I love your hexies. It is such a pretty line of fabric. Yes, I agree! Life is too short for only one project at a time. Enjoy your day!

  2. this hexie piece just makes me smile! Love it!!

  3. I so agree - let me see: En Provence, a baby quilt, Bliss, my daughter's quilt, to name a few. Yes, life is too short for only one project at a time. I love your hexie piece. Does it have a name yet?

  4. Do you just make these hexies up yourself or is there a pattern?

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