Monday, December 5, 2016

More Curved Hexies Basted


I finished basting and stitching together the 12 hexies I'd cut. But, this math geek made an error in her calculations. I need 18! Not 12! And so today I'll find some time to cut a bit more fabric for the remaining 6.

That's all I did yesterday. I had a headache all day long - I think it was brought on by the rain. That's okay - we really needed the rain. I switched my tea for coffee this morning to battle the headache and I'm already feeling better. MUST go swimming this morning! (I skipped yesterday...)

I find it difficult to hand stitch with a headache. Do you? Oops - I see I have one hexie turned wrong in the picture - I'll fix it before I stitch them together. Did you notice it?

The more I look at the photo above, the less I like the new hexies. From a distance they turn into mush. I think I'll remake them with different fabrics. These hexies will be save for another part of the quilt. Oh well...

Because of my headache, I took a nice nap yesterday (that's my excuse, anyway!). This was my wakeup call while on the sofa. "Mom, get up! I'm hungry!" Okay, Cooper.

I may run out for batting this morning after I swim. And then I'll stitch my En Provence pieces together. 

Have a happy Monday!

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