Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Replacement Hexies

So you may remember that during yesterday's blog post I talked myself out of the mushy looking hexies I'd made for the next round of my latest Curved Hexagon quilt. Later in the day I pulled out my box of fabric and decided on this. More contrast is better, I think. And how did I make this curve? Certainly not with the Curved Hexagon ruler. Hmmm...I may have a new trick up my sleeve...

I cut out 18 (the proper number this time!), fussing cutting the one with black background. I have lots more basting to do, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I had planned to stitch together the En Provence Clue 2 blocks, but I did not. I did buy batting for quilting Allietare though. So that's something?

Today on the schedule is Gardenvale. I hope to cut out all the background pieces. And then I'll be ready to start sewing on this quilt!

Can you tell I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the new hexie quilt? I seem to work on it every evening, leaving my other hand stitching projects in the dust. That's the way it is with hexies. They grab you and suck you in. You can't think about anything else. Addiction, that's what it is! I want to move this quilt forward!

I think the rain has finally stopped here...leaving everything damp and gray. Maybe we'll get in a hike later in the day. Cooper would certainly enjoy that. But first...off to the pool!

Have a grateful day!

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  1. It's called 'hexie fever' and it is a serious condition. Keeps you awake at night; hard to get any other work done; but the good part is you get to catch up on old movies, TV shows, etc. because you can't get out of the chair! You just want to stitch hexies!


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