Friday, December 30, 2016

Winding Ways Blocks

After much searching yesterday morning, I finally found these blocks that I'm hoping to combine with the basket blocks into one quilt. I'm still not sure about this plan, but we'll see how it goes.

I've selected a coordinating yo-yo to put in the center of each block. I just love the look of the yo-yo's here! These yo-yo's all need to be hand stitched in place. I have 30 of these blocks. If I had 18 more I could simply make a Winding Ways quilt with a nice border.

One challenge to combining the baskets and the winding ways blocks is the differing block sizes - the baskets will finish at 4.5" square. The winding ways blocks will finish at 8" square. So how would I combine them? These two sizes don't seem to be related at all. But I did discover that they both go into 72 evenly. Interesting!

I could actually sew the winding ways blocks in columns nine blocks long, alternating with baskets blocks in columns of 16 blocks long. Hmmm...

After an hour of math and some graph paper sketching, I've come up with another plan. It could work. It would work. Do I want it to work?  I'm still undecided if I want to combine the blocks. I think I have further work to do...

Until I decide I'll just hand stitch the yo-yo's. And then I'll make the some 4.5" nine patches to add to  the baskets. Then all will be laid out on a bed or the floor to see what I think.

Gosh, it's been long time since I made these blocks! I remember working on them at a quilt retreat when we lived in Birmingham. I even remember who I was sitting with (miss you, BB!) It's about time I did something with them.

We ran lots of errands yesterday, too. (New shoes for me and lots of groceries!) In the afternoon I was lucky enough to see SEVEN deer munching on grass just across the street. And then we saw two more just outside my sewing room window last night. And I didn't even have to take a step outside to see them!

Today there will be no errands! I'll be home ALL DAY! Yay! And it's hexie day! (But I might be tempted to work on En Provence since a new clue is out...)

Sending lots of love your way!


  1. Sounds like you are back to your 'old' young self! Enjoy the new year! We arrived in FL on Thursday to get settled in and back to sewing!

  2. Love the colourful blocks. The yoyos are so darn sweet. Happy New Year.


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