Monday, January 31, 2022

Quilting and a Quick Project Bag

Another Casserole block is done - I now have 4 of the 9 done. If you look closely, you may see that I made a mistake here and was too lazy to correct it. If you don't see it, then I'm happy! I think most people will never know.

This morning I cut out the next block - YELLOW!

I sewed a few more of these, but not many. 

I did get a bit done on the cheddar bow ties - I made 28 bow tie blocks. That makes me almost half way done with another big block. I'm ready to finish this one!


In a bit of play, I made a project bag. It doesn't compare to Deborah Harry's bags, but it's kind of cute. No pattern, I just winged it. 

This past weekend we washed our rug. I bought a Ruggable rug last year - they are billed as being washable. It was time. It wasn't easy. The rug is 6' x 9'. These rugs are thin - they sit on a velcro-like rug pad. The rug fit in the washing machine, barely. We did have to babysit the washer because it kept getting off balance. Then we put it in the dryer for a bit - you're not supposed to dry it too long. Next we spread it back out on its pad and let it dry naturally overnight before we moved the furniture back in place. It was a bit of an ordeal. The rug does look much cleaner. I'm sure if your rug were only 8'x10' or smaller, the washing would be quite as hard. And that's the rug review for today!

Keep a smile on your face and continue to stay safe!


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sewing During the Week

While Sadie was in Preschool a couple of morning this past week, I got a few bits of sewing done. I finished the third block in the Casserole quilt. The first block was pink, the second block was coral, and now on to ORANGE, my favorite!

Next up is lime green and pieces are cut out and ready to sew.

I also tried out a few of these blocks with my half square triangles. I'm liking this, so I'll keep going. I'll call this Open Envelopes for now. One reason I like this pattern is that I'm building little four patches. They are quick and easy to sew as a next step to finish this quilt top. Some of the other choices I considered have much bigger pattern repeats.

I'm heading to my sewing room now to see what I can get done.

Continue to stay safe!!! 


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Cross Stitch Update and a Fun Purchase

Last night I finished the January block of Anniversaries of the Heart! I had planned to dedicate this one to my hubby, but I didn't plan ahead well enough. I learned I need to plan out the personalization BEFORE I start stitching the motifs! There wasn't room for his name. So since this is the first block of a pattern dedicated to my family, I decided that EST (Established) 1984, was appropriate - the year we got married.

I wasn't so sure about that peacock - peacocks hold no special interest to me. But then a few weeks ago someone came up with a new logo for our Auburn University basketball team It's a peacock! Okay, so now peacocks do have a special meaning for us. We have been enjoying watching the basketball games, though I haven't been to any more since I caught flu when I went over the holidays.

I have barely started the border for the February block. By the time I finish the border, I need to decide about the personalization details.


Through Jo Kramer's blog (joscountryjunction) I discovered Deborah Harry. Find Deborah's site on Facebook. She makes the most adorable project bags using vintage linens. Oh my - they are gorgeous!!!!  Well, that sounded like something fun for me to make. 

Above is one of Deborah's cute project bags. I just LOVE these!

But I didn't have any vintage linens! Well, I knew that Jo Kramer's daughter (Kayla) has an etsy shop (PinsThrifting) with all things vintage. So I went there and order a few vintage linens. Aren't they adorable??? I also got some vintage rick rack from her and a few vintage children's books. 

The shipment came so fast. It was packaged so well and wrapped in a piece of vintage fabric - and old sheet, I think. So now I have another project

Kayla used old ephemera for her business cards - isn't the best idea ever? 

So go check out Deborah Harry on Facebook - she is dropping new project bags on etsy this weekend. And also check out PinsThrifting on Etsy.

Have a great day and continue to stay safe!


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Another Bird for Birdsong

Here's the latest Birdsong block. This one was a bit different, made as five blocks and then sewn together. There will be a LOT of these little leaf blocks in this quilt - they are quick and easy. I don't really like the placement of the leaves (they are pushed right up to the seam line), so next time I'll do better.

I finished another big block for my cheddar bow tie quilt! Only two more of these big blocks to go. I spent some time today cutting more pieces for this - I was running low.

I also finished sewing ALL my gray/white half square triangle pieces. This was mostly due to Hubby moving some furniture around and I needed to keep Sadie distracted from his work. So she sat in my lap and watched me sew these. She was so interested. So we kept going. 

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with them!

Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest....

Idea 1

Idea 2

The idea below is actually a concrete design - not a quilt pattern. But it's pretty cool - looks like open envelopes to me.

Idea 3

Which one do you like best? I have just enough half square triangle for a nice lap quilt.

Daughter 1's concussion symptoms have dissipated. She bought a new car yesterday. So we can put this all behind us!

I'm ready for another fun week with Sadie and a bit of sewing thrown in here and there!

Continue to stay safe!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Cross Stitch Update

As a reminder, here's the January pattern for Anniversaries of the Heart.

And here where I left off last week.

Here's where I am now. I would have been further, but I didn't like the first green I stitched for the tree and the flower stem. I ripped it all out and restitched. Yes, this is better! 

So I finished the tree and the flower and started the peacock. 

I soon have to figure out how I'm going to personalize this block - it's coming up soon. Will I finish this by the end of January???? I hope so!

I had to share this lovely sunset from a few days ago. Sadie says, "Night, night sun." These are houses across the street from us.

Sunday evening Daughter 1 had a fairy bad auto wreck. It wasn't her fault and her car was totalled. She has a concussion from the airbags deploying. But it could have been much worse! She'll be fine before long but will deal with the concussion symptoms for a bit. They will be car shopping this weekend! 

I'm really trying to stay in with the Covid numbers so high around here. I would get out more, but I feel an obligation to keep well for Sadie. Tonight I'll Zoom into the quilt guild meeting. And I'm steering clear of the gymnastic smeet Friday night, though we have tickets. We have gold medalist Suni Lee on our team. Hopefully before the season is over I'll feel it's safe enough to go to a meet.

Continue to stay safe!


Monday, January 17, 2022

Sewing Through the Snow

We had a bit of snow Sunday! Snow is a big deal here in the southern part of Alabama because it's so rare. It fell most of the day. The ground was almost covered and then it all melted. It was so pretty to see while it lasted. 

I was warm and cozy, sewing in my sewing room.

I realized that the row quilt I'm making from my On Ringo Lake units wasn't going so well. It was getting pucker-y and wasn't laying flat. I had made a rookie mistake. Some of the rows were a bit longer than others - no wonder! 

I took the whole thing apart and pressed each row. I measured each row and either cut it off or added to it. Now all the rows are the same length. I also started cutting some fabric strips to go in between the rows. I haven't started sewing the rows together again, but will soon. I feel better about this project now.

I made some progress on sewing the gray/white half square triangle units. I added a couple of more stacks to my pile,

I also completed a 2nd Casserole quilt block. I started cutting for the next block, too.

And yes, I finished another Birdsong block! A good week, indeed.

I hope to get more applique and cross stitch done this week. The weather has been too chilly for walking the last few days. So I'm staying in, but hoping for warmer temperatures soon.

Continue to stay safe!


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cross Stitch Update


As a reminder, here is the pattern for the January block for Anniversaries of the Heart.

When I last shared, I had done this much...2 borders, a snowflake and I had started the house.

And here's where I am now. I've finished the house, more snowflakes, and the entire border.

Though I had planned to use the 'called for' colors, I have deviated from that. I can see now why so many people who stitch this change the colors. Apparently since this is an older pattern, some of the colors are made differently than they were years ago. So the 'called for' colors are not the same as they were years ago. 

When I began stitching some colors, they just didn't show up enough. I didn't rip any of this out- just kept going, and started changing some colors as I went along. If I had to do it over, I would have picked different colors to start with, but in the scheme of this big project, I don't think anyone will notice.

What a busy week we've had - I had a physical yesterday and I have a dental appoint today. Hubby had a dental appointment yesterday and has a dermatologist appointment tomorrow. Whew! At least all these routine appointments will be over in one fell swoop!

Continue to stay safe!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Best Laid Plans

I'm thrilled to say that I got a ton of sewing done in the last week. I actually finished the first Birdsong block on Wednesday and I have another well under way. I always prep the applique pieces (back basting) in the evenings and hand applique the following day while Sadie is playing independently or watching a show with me (typically Llama Llama or Peppa Pig). We talk about the colors of the fabrics - she's really into colors at the moment. We also count the berries - she loves numbers.

Yesterday and today (each weekend actually) I do more machine stitching. I'm finally getting to know my new machine and we are getting along well. I made 8 cheddar bow tie four patches - two rows for one big unit. 

I stitched together a few more piles of gray/white half square triangles.

I also added a few more rows to this quilt - I'm planning on this going to one of my nephews. A few years ago I had the not-so-bright idea to make TWO of Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake mystery quilts. I made all the parts and pieces in Christmas fabrics - sewed these into two twin size quilts for the twin beds at our lake house.

I also made a set of parts and pieces in the 'called for' colors. These have sat in a box since then. I finally decided to start sewing the pieces together in rows to make a quilt. I want to use all these pieces somehow and this seems a good and easy use.  Over the weekend I have added a few more rows to this quilt.

And look at this! I made the first large block for the Casserole quilt! There will be 9 blocks total - each one is about 26" square - BIG! Each block is made from a different color family. The sewing for this is easy, BUT the cutting is a major undertaking. So many pieces went into this block! I did some of the cutting last weekend. 

As far as hand stitching, every night I do a bit of cross stitch - I'll update you on that another day. I have done a bit of applique on my first block for the Thanksgiving quilt (Abundance), but I'll wait to share when the block is complete. And last night I even pulled out my curved hexie project and did some basting. All in all, it was a successful week toward my goals. 

The weather was warm enough for me to walk both yesterday and today, so that means I got some reading in, too. I'm calling it a day on machine sewing, and am ready to start hand work for the evening. 

Continue to stay safe!


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Good Start!

I know it's very early in the year, but I have purpose and direction! We have resumed caring for Sadie after the holidays and I'm so glad! I have missed her! Her daddy got a new job and works longer hours so we are blessed to have her more. She usually arrives at 7:15 am and leaves around 5 pm. Oh my, we're having fun! 

I have started prepping my applique at night so the next day I can easily pick it up and applique away while Sadie is here. Yesterday I was able to stitch the bird in place. Then last night (using back basting) I got the berries and a few leaves ready to go.

And my cross stitch? I'm trying to work on this a bit each evening. And I'm doing well considering I didn't feel like stitching for a solid week when I had the flu.

Yes, making progress!

When I listed my 2022 quilt goals, I forgot about two quilts! EEK! One of them is this half square triangle project. I cut way too many of these gray/white pieces when I made a quilt last year. So I've pulled them out and when I have a few minutes I sew some together. 

The other project I forgot as an eye spy quilt. I've been gathering fabrics for this and at some point hope to work on it. 

A little progress here and there is good progress!!!

Continue to stay safe!


Saturday, January 1, 2022

2022 Goals and Plans

My goals for last year were pretty good, so I'm doing a repeat.

1. Selfcare - Keep eating well and walking. I'd like to add in strength training this year, too.

2. Read - Easy, peasy. Keep listening to more books.

3.  Write - I have my manuscript at the ready to redo.

4.  Wallpaper - Yes, again! I want to wallpaper my laundry room.

5.  Quilt! Yes, I still need to finish hand quilting Marshal. And I have a few other quilts on my radar for this year:

Sadie pulled this book of the bookshelf a few weeks ago. Great idea, Sadie!

I've always wanted to make Birdsong! I have plenty of civil war repro fabrics leftover from Courthouse Steps and this will make a great use of them!

Abundance has been in my pattern basket for years. This will make another fun project for the year, though mine will be more fun and vibrant than the one shown.

I've even make a small start on it.

I bought the Casserole pattern last year. I love that it has so many colors, but it's not a real 'rainbow' pattern.  I have already bought the background fabric, so I'm ready to go with this one.

Cheddar Bow Ties - This WILL get finished this year!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. BAGS! I have three bag patterns I want to make.

I also want to get back on the curved hexie quilt I started last year.

A non sewing goal for this year is the dollhouse. It needs a few repairs on the exterior. I want to replace some of the flooring, too. I hadn't planned on painting it, but I think once I make some of the repairs, I may need to. Though I will keep it close to the original colors if I do.

And then there's my cross stitch. Anniversaries of the Heart. Before I got sick, I started it. Yay! I'm enjoying it, too.

And if that's not enough.....I have a couple of UFO's that need attention. I want to make each of my 3 nephews a quilt. Two of the UFO's will be perfect for that.

So there we go. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but I don't think I am. I like to stay busy! And I've been sitting around for a week and I'm ready to get up and go!!!!

Happy New Year!

Continue to stay safe!