Friday, July 31, 2020

More Finishes for July

Yesterday I finished binding the Water/Wave quilt (free pattern HERE). I have it folded over one of our sofas in the living room.

And I finished the pillow made from the scraps - it's also in the living room.

And yes...another pillow finished this week. I had pieced the top while we were living at the lake. I made this from a Jen Kingwell mini charm pack that a friend brought me from a trip to Australia. Yes, she bought it from Jen Kingwell herself at her shop, Amitie.

So all I had left was to add narrow borders, quilt, and finish the pillow. This one lives in the chair in my sewing room.

July was a good sewing month. I've decided to tackle another UFO or two during August. I plan to finish the big stitch quilting on my Christmas row quilt and then bind it. I will also continue my Manx log cabin quilt. But those are BOTH hand stitching projects and I need a machine project, too. I have another Christmas quilt I need to finish, so I think that will be next up, too. I'll tell you more about this later, along with photos.

At the rate I'm going, my UFO pile is dwindling!

See you back here Monday for Part 2 of the Curved Hexie Stitch Along! Stay safe!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along: Your Questions Answered

I've been getting questions. So here they are with my answers. I'll add this post to the tab at the top of the blog.

How much fabric will I need?
I don't know. I don't know how big the quilt will be. I'm working with a fat quarter pack of Tula Pink and also adding in other fabrics (both solids and prints) that work with it. I'm only staying one week ahead of all of you.

How about the hexagon papers? Where do you measure the 2"?
The paper hexagons should be 2" on each outer side.

Does fabric value matter?
Fabric value always matters. Make sure there is good contrast in either color or value in each hexie - we want those lovely curves to show up!

All information for the Curved Hexie Stitch Along is linked under the tab at the top of the blog.

At this time, I will not ship overseas. Sorry, but I will not go to the post office to do this now because of Covid. I'm only selling the ruler to those in the US and Canada at this time.

Thanks for joining the fun! Stay safe!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Morning After!


You guys are awesome! Margaret B really got to work - she posted this on Facebook on the Hexie Love Open Studio page. And to think, I'm only making one hexie per day - she's got me beat! Wonderful work, Margaret!

I'm so pleased we got off to a great start yesterday.

I finished binding Pfeffernusse!!! Yippee! Can you see Cooper and Mickey in the background? Mickey is sunbathing...

And here you can see the grunge dotty background. Boom! Now I've moved on to binding another one. 

Wishing you a very good day! Stay safe!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - Part 1

Are you ready to have fun? Here is the first step in the process. We'll be making 6 curved hexies using P3 on Curved Hexagon Ruler. Line your 2" paper up on P3, draw a line around the curve and cut with paper scissors.

Use two contrasting fabrics for the two pieces of hexie paper. Baste with needle and thread. Stitch the two basted pieces together along the curve using the ladder stitch. I use painter's blue tape to hold the pieces together on the back and stitch from the front.

Stitch the 6 hexies together as shown in the picture at the top. You will notice I have not chosen a center hexie yet - because we're using the ladder stitch, we can easily add the center piece later. 

Full video instructions are HERE. I highly recommend watching the video - I'll walk you through the entire process. 

(Note: there are older videos on my YouTube channel using the hexie ruler with water soluble paper, using glue, and machine stitching pieces together....we will not be using the water soluble paper or glue in this quilt.)

Don't stress. You'll love the ladder stitch! You have an entire week to do this - as I promised, only one hexie unit per day. I like to stitch the hexies together as I go. So each day I make one unit and stitch it to the ones already made.

Feel free to ask me questions! I'm here to help. Also...I'd love to see your progress. Email pictures to me! Or post on Facebook on the Hexie Love Open Studio page!

I hope you enjoy! Stay safe and enjoy your hexie day!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Binding, Binding, Binding

Pfeffernusse is a BIG quilt. I've made it around two sides with the hand stitching of the binding. Slowly, but surely. 

Today I hope to make the binding for the two other quilts (Waves and Santa Swell), and getting the binding machine stitched in place. 

Binding goes along with TV watching. We're currently watching The Mill (Amazon Prime), Season 2 of Doctor Foster (Netflix), Yorkshire Vet (Acorn). During the day I enjoy watching true crime shows and HGTV shows. If Sadie is here, we might have PBS kids shows on in the background. 

I'm all set for releasing the first set of instructions for the Curved Hexie Stitch Along on Monday - are you ready? See the tab at the top of the blog for complete instructions. 

We need to name this curved hexie quilt! Any ideas? Put on your thinking cap and let me know!

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Tripod

I got a question about my new tripod for filming videos. Here it is. There is a ring light with a clamp to hold the phone in the center. I sit in the chair behind the tripod and hold my hands around the tripod to stitch in view of the phone/camera. I had said it was $10. I was wrong, it was $25.99. But well worth it. Here is the link. When I tilt everything down toward the table, it does try to fall over, so I tape it down. It's very stable if you don't tilt it severely like I do.

I got two more quilts back from my quilter friend. LOVE the quilting.

And it looks great on one of our sofas. I still need to bind it but it will have to wait in line. Until then, it will live here.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Head Start

Over the weekend I stitched the latest row to my Manx log cabin quilt. I'm ready for green and purple blocks - lucky me, I had made these blocks when I first started this project. These make a wonderful head start on the next row.

I also finished my big mask making venture...for now. I have a few more cut out that I will finish, but I have plenty to share with family now. Whew!

And hexies!!!! I finished stitching the first section for our Curved Hexie Stitch Along AND I filmed my first video to share with you all in one week. My new little $10 tripod for my phone is working great and leaves me both hands free to stitch. 

Be sure to check out the tab at the top of the blog for more info. As I post each set of instructions, I'll add them to this tab so you'll always have them at hand. I mailed out another batch of rulers Saturday and there's still time to get yours before we get started. Again, see tab at top for ordering info.

Today I have Pfeffernusse out and ready to hand stitch the binding because it's a Sadie day! 

Stay safe and enjoy your day! 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Binding Pfeffernusse

Yesterday I made miles of binding for Pfeffernusse and machine stitched it in place. Woohoo! I'm putting this aside for Sadie sitting. As you might already know, we are keeping her while her parents work. The secret to quilting while taking care of a sweet baby is to have hand work available! I try to have hand stitching at the ready for when she's in her bouncer or swing. We are both happy! She is a joy to have around.

I also pulled fabric for a new quilt. I know...I still have several UFO's, but I'm making such progress that I allowed myself to start thinking of the next project. This will be a quilt for our living room, speaking of which....our new sofas were delivered this week!!!!

We have been living here for 3 months without a single sofa. We sold ours when we moved from the cottage. I ordered the matching sofas the week we closed on the house and I'm happy to report we LOVE them. On a trip to Birmingham just before Covid hit, we went to several furniture stores and I sat on dozens of sofas. Comfort was the key. I am long waisted, but my legs are not long. I wanted to be able to sit with my feet on the floor and my back against the sofa back. The winner was the Ethan Allen Marcus sofa. We ordered them in a light gray fabric and they are fabulous! 

We have added new furniture pieces here and there as needed. I still need a couple of rugs and some throw pillows. but we are making progress. I'm almost ready to share photos of my sewing room - it's working very well for me.

Today I need to get back on the mask making train. And I have another little project I may work on. AND I may practice making a video for our Curved Hexie Stitch Along - yes, you can find all the info in a tab at the top of the blog!

Stay safe!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along

I want to summarize all the information about the upcoming Curved Hexie Stitch Along. I'll will put this information under a tab at the top of my blog for easy reference.

WHEN: The first instructions will happen on JULY 27, 2020.


-Curved Hexie Ruler. Available ONLY directly from me. 

          -Send me $20 via PayPal at This covers $15.00 for ruler and $5.00      

          OR - if you don't have a PayPal account, you can mail me a check for $20.00 to
                    Julia Wood
                    980 Titleist Way
                    Auburn, AL 36830
           As soon as the check clears, I'll mail your ruler.

            NOTE: I will only accept orders from USA and Canada. This is to keep me out of the Post    
            Office. My immunity is compromised due to having lymph nodes removed. I have postage on     
            hand at home for USA and Canada. But I don't want to take a chance on going to the Post 
            Office on a regular basis.

-2" hexagon papers. I suggest you order from I would order the large pack.

-Fabric of your choice!

-Fabric and paper scissors

-Needles, thread, thimble

-Blue tape (painter's tape)


General Information

I will be staying only a little bit ahead of you in my stitching. So there will be no pressure or rush in this stitch along! I'm planning on working at a pace of only one curved hexagon per day, slow and easy. This will not take you away from your other projects. I will probably assign 6 hexagons per week, allowing an extra day to stitch them to the main quilt. The first week will include instructions for using the ruler. I'll be making videos to help you!

Let's Get Hexie!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Blocks Galore and Another Quilt Top Finished

Six days. Six blocks. The top row of blocks is now complete. I still have to sew the blocks together and then sew the row to the quilt. And now I am done with yellow and orange. On to green and purple.

Here's a reminder of what the final quilt will look like. I designed it in EQ a couple of years ago.

This UFO has been hanging around for way too long. Since I finished Marshal so early in July, I decided to pull this one out and get it done. There wasn't much left.


And here is the backing fabric - I bought it ages ago when it was on sale. Off to the quilter it goes!

I had planned on quilting this myself, but I have so many quilt tops that need quilting. Since my surgeries, I'm finding I have lots of muscle pain in my chest - my implants are under the muscle and I think that's why. Many women have implants over the muscles and seem to not have this issue. And so I'll be spending a bit more money on machine quilting, but as I tell Hubby, it's much cheaper than buying my own Long Arm Machine!

Curved Hexie Stitch Along!
Yes, there's plenty of time to get in on this. Either send $20 for the ruler/postage to me via Paypal at or send me an email to the same address. I'll be shipping again tomorrow. This will be fun!!!

Stay safe!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Log Cabin Progress

I've been working away in my spare time on my Manx Log Cabin blocks. I did one on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I have one more yellow block and then two that are half yellow, half orange and this row will be done. And then on to another color!

Yesterday I made a tomato pie - perfect if you have lots of extra tomatoes. I forgot to save the recipe on my computer, but if you use google I'm sure you'll find something similar - it's just sliced tomatoes  in a pre cooked pie crust, topped with a mixture of mayo, chopped green onions, mozzarella cheese, basil. Easy peasy and so good.

Today is my birthday! It's a BIG one - 60! I'm spending it doing exactly what I want - sewing. And we're having lunch with the family - both girls, both SIL's and of course, SADIE. Simple pleasures are the best.

I had planned to ship out my Hexie Love Curved Hexagon Rulers yesterday, buy the mailman came too early. So they'll be going out today. There is still plenty of time to order one before our Curved Hexie Stitch Along begins. Just send me an email -

I decided that videos will be the best way to demonstrate each step, so I'll be posting them on my blog (and on Youtube) each week. I have ordered an iPhone tripod to help me film.

I will tell you this about the stitch along quilt: we'll be working from the center out. There will be no separate 'rosettes' to put together. We'll just keep adding to the center and work our way out. I don't know how big it will be. I don't know how much fabric you'll need - just start working with what you have on hand. If you have a favorite fat quarter pack that you love, grab it. I'll only be just a bit ahead of you!

I hope you enjoy your day as much as I will. Stay safe!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - and a Finished Quilt Top

I've decided to do a switch-a-roo and use Tula Pink's Homemade line of fabric for the Curved Hexie Stitch Along. Sadie was at our house yesterday and she kept staring at a colorful bin of fabric beside my chair. I knew then and there that it was the perfect time to pull out my fat quarter pack of Homemade. It's all for Sadie! This would also be beautiful in solids, such as Cherrywood, but I just feel the need to go BRIGHT with this right now.

And LOOK! The sewing machine will just fit on a 2" hexie!!! I've even more excited now!

I'll probably throw some coordinating solids in here and there to break up the busyness, but I think Tula's line will really shine here. Fussy cutting, here I come!

You still have time to join the fun! If you don't have a ruler, simply send me $20 via Paypal to I'll be shipping rulers twice per week. The first shipment goes out tomorrow. And don't forget to order a pack of 2" hexie papers from I'll send a few sample papers along with each ruler so you'll be ready to go.

I pressed my Marshal top this morning and I'm calling it DONE! I couldn't find a suitable backing fabric in my stash, so I ordered a wide gray grunge this morning. Will I quilt this one myself??? Maybe. I delivered Pfeffernusse to a long arm quilter friend yesterday - I'd never attempt to quilt that one because it has SO many seams and it's HUGE! But Marshall is a bit smaller, so I might attempt it.

I'm so glad to have this UFO top complete. All the handwork on Marshall kept me going as I recovered from my breast cancer surgeries. A special quilt!

Stay safe!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along

More info! 
The Curved Hexie Stitch Along is coming soon. It will start later this month. I promise it will be slow paced and relaxing. I'm planning on sewing only one 2 inch hexagon each day. I provide instructions approximately once per week. You'll have plenty of time to work on other projects as well.

All instructions will be here on my blog.

What will you need?
The Curved Hexagon Ruler - available ONLY from me. I have it on sale for $15 + $5 for shipping. Send me $20 via PayPal to and I will send one to you ASAP.

Fabric of your choice! Anything goes! I'm using Cherrywood - I have several scrap bags I'm pulling from. But, this will be a good quilt for fussy cutting, so feel free to grab some fun fabrics if you'd like.

2" Hexagon Papers - go to Paper Pieces to get these. I suggest you get a Large Pack.

Blue Painter's Tape - I like to use this to hold the pieces together while I stitch them.

The only other supplies you already have: paper scissors, fabric scissors, needles, thread, pencil.

Let's get hexie!

I finished the melon appliqué on the corners of Marshal. I auditioned some half melons, too, but decided that I like it just like this. Once I laid the quilt top out flat, the areas that seemed to be puffy don't seem so bad after all. I'm going to give it a good press and hope I can call this done. I need to figure out a backing - I'll shop in my stash first.

I did start the needlepoint stocking, also. I finished a piece of fruit.

Today I hope to pull out my Manx Log Cabin and work on a block off and on during the day while sweet Sadie is here. 

Let's make it a great day! Stay safe! 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Marshall, Curved Hexies, Masks, Needlepoint, and Iced Coffee!

I found some photos on my phone of the planning stages of Marshall. You can see what I had planned for the corners. Whew! I prepped some striped melon shapes and the appliqué has been started.

Curved Hexies
Look what I pulled out!!! I had the strong urge to make some hexies using my Curved Hexagon ruler. So much fun!!!! I have big plans for this. Do you have a ruler? Want to play along with me? I'm going to start a Curved Hexagon Stitch Along! This will be slow and easy with no stress.

If you'd like a ruler, I'm running a special for only $15 per ruler plus $5 for shipping. Simply email me ( I prefer payment via PayPal.

I'm so excited! I'm using a variety of colors of Cherrywood fabrics, but this would be an awesome project for fussy cutting fun fabrics.

So gather your ruler, some fun fabrics, and some 2" hexagon papers (2" on each straight side). Let's get hexie with it!

I still working on my masks - I want to make 30 for our family - five for each person. I'm trying to work on these for about an hour each day until they are complete.

Because I really needed one more project, right??? Haha! I've done a bit of needlepoint in my day, but it's been some time. I read that Jo from jo's country junction had this stocking kit someone had sent her up for grabs. I jumped in and Jo was nice enough to send it to me. In return, I sent her a donation for her postage fund. Jo does such good work - she collects quilt tops and fabrics and sends them on to others who finish them and donate them to charity. She and her daughter are avid quilt designers and often have patterns in magazines. I adore her blog and I think you will, too.

I organized all the threads and have them in labeled baggies - ready to go!

Iced Coffee
Okay, I'm about to change your life. Really! This summer I've been craving iced coffee. I read somewhere about a quick and easy way to make some. And it's delicious!!!!

1. Make a pot of coffee
2. Stir in one can of sweetened condensed milk.
3. Chill and serve over ice.

That's it! Easy, right? We usually make a double batch and store it in a pitcher in the refrigerator. Mornings are so easy! We are addicted to this stuff and I think you will be too - try it!

So you can see I've been entertaining myself during the pandemic. I'm pretty happy here at home working on projects and keeping our granddaughter a few days per week. She is such a happy baby and makes everything that's going on in the world seem to fade into the background. We try to focus on happy things!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Marshal - Ready to go!

I pulled Marshal (my version) out and hung it on my design wall to try to decide what is next. It seems like I had planned to appliqué some bits in those empty corners. I need to look through my old planning photos and see if I can figure out exactly what I was thinking.

And here is what I need to fix - see the wavy, extra fabric? I need to make the quilt flat!

Remember, I designed this myself using the bits from Marshall. The original pattern can be seen HERE. Take a moment to look at it. It's TOTALLY different than mine though it uses the same components. I used (mostly) Tula Pink fabric throughout mine.

I think it's doable to get this one ready for quilting during July. I plan to keep working on my Manx log cabin behind the scenes. And I have another project I may begin during this month.

And what about Pfeffernusse? It took me 3 days to remove all the phone book pages from the backside. But that is now done. The quilt top needs a good pressing and then it will be ready for quilting.

I'm really enjoying my new routine of working on a UFO each month. I think I'll be more productive this way and get some quilts finished.

I'd better grab a bite of breakfast. A sweet baby girl will be here soon to spend the day....

Have a great day and stay safe!