Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Tripod

I got a question about my new tripod for filming videos. Here it is. There is a ring light with a clamp to hold the phone in the center. I sit in the chair behind the tripod and hold my hands around the tripod to stitch in view of the phone/camera. I had said it was $10. I was wrong, it was $25.99. But well worth it. Here is the link. When I tilt everything down toward the table, it does try to fall over, so I tape it down. It's very stable if you don't tilt it severely like I do.

I got two more quilts back from my quilter friend. LOVE the quilting.

And it looks great on one of our sofas. I still need to bind it but it will have to wait in line. Until then, it will live here.


  1. Beautiful quilts! Thank you for showing your tripod setup :)

  2. The quilt looks BEAUTIFUL on you couch!!!! WOW!!!!

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