Friday, February 27, 2015

English Paper Piecing Triangles

Do you remember this quilt top I started early last year? I was on a roll and then I had the idea to start a magazine....yada, yada, yada...never got back to it. It's Daughter 1's eye. I've been REALLY wanting to get back to it. Yesterday I pulled out all the parts and pieces. There were three chunks made. Yes, this is English Paper Piecing. All by hand.

I decided to try to speed up the process a bit. I decided on the color for about half the remaining pattern. You can see the little swatches that I glued to the pattern. Then I cut a couple of small chunks from the pattern and MACHINE paper pieced them.

Last night I stitched the three large chunks together (by hand). This morning I'll attach the two machine paper pieced chunks to the quilt (by hand). Many more chunks to go!

I'm so excited to have this project underway again - really love it!

It's a momentous day here at The Hexie Blog! Today I'll reach 200,000 blog views! Thank you all for your support!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Polka Dot Hexie Wins!

 You all spoke and I listened! The polka dot wins! I need to make a few more flowers like this for my QATV step outs. I'll work on that today!

Despite having my nice Ikea cart by my chair for my sewing stuff, my side table has again become cluttered. There's even a dog head resting on it! :) This photo is from a couple of nights ago, hence the red wine. So I'm adding this to my to do list today! Clean off the table!

These two decided to take selfies on that same night.

Funny dogs! The third doggy was sound asleep and didn't want to be bothered.

Last night we took Daughter 2 out to dinner at Mugshots for yummy burgers to celebrate her finishing 4 exams. It was fun except for the fire alarm going off 3 times. Fire engines came. No fire. Just lots of noise! The food was good though.

I just have a bit of touch up to do on the next issue of Hexie Love - can you believe it's time for another issue! So excited about this one!

I'm feeling more caught up today than I have in a few weeks. Do you know what that means? I think I'm going to dig out another UFO to work on! I've had this one on my mind a lot lately - can't wait to get back to it!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hexie Evening

Last night hubby and I parked ourselves in front of the TV with the dogs and piles of quilts. And I hexied my heart out! Here's the stack I basted. I'm planning to use these to make step outs for my Quilting Arts TV segment. But what to put in the center of the flowers?

Do you have a favorite? I'm still deciding, but I have ruled out a couple of them.

This morning Cooper is snoozing in hubby's recliner. We're keeping our eye on the weather reports. The line of freezing rain/snow for Wednesday's forecast has dropped down near here. We don't get much of that here, so we'll see.

Yesterday I finished the March/April issue of Hexie Love. Yay! I'm going to put it aside for a day or two before it gets proofed.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

POTC Eye Candy

Aren't these the loveliest Patchwork of the Crosses blocks? I adore the colors. One of my good friends is making this quilt. She has made many blocks (I think more than 30) and is now working on the connector squares. Janet is an excellent long arm quilter and she cannot wait to get this quilt under her machine. I can't wait either!

Hubby's medical test went great Friday - thanks for your good wishes. (It will be my turn in about a month's time.) I've been a busy bee working on the next Hexie Love issue - it's full of fun projects, inspiration, and ideas. I have just two more articles to place into the software and then I'll spend a few days making it all pretty.

Yesterday I binge cooked. Have you ever done this? I went to the grocery store, came straight home, and cooked 3 different meals. In a couple of hours I had meals for us to eat this week and some to share with our daughters. And I didn't have to put any groceries away since I used them immediately. I did have a PILE of pots and pans to wash! But it was worth it. Now I don't have to worry daily about what we will eat in the evening.

Tomorrow I plan to get the April BOM stitched together - I need to get ahead... (it makes my life easier!)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hexie Sighting!

One of my lovely fellow guild members showed me this at our meeting last night. OOHHH...lovely fabrics, no? She's using the circle hexie technique from my books and an Edyta Sitar pattern. I saw another quilter working on hexies at the meeting, too. Yes, Miss Michelle, I spotted you!

Just a quick post this morning - leaving in a few to take hubby for his colonoscopy. Then we'll come home to nap, eat, and watch lots of TV later today. I think I have time enough before we go to pack up some hexie work for the waiting room!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Ikea Cart

Have you heard? Ikea is coming out with a new cart design! And isn't it adorable!? I love the fact that is has a flat surface on the top. Yes, I can see lots of space for some hexie supplies to have at the ready. And the white color is so crisp and clean. One of these would work in the bathroom, too.

I finished the appliqué on the March BOM this morning. I would not eat breakfast until it was done - haha! Do you give yourself deadlines like that? Tonight I'll be doing the perle cotton embroidery.

I also finished another Hexie Love magazine project this morning. Done. Photographed. Article written. Pages laid out. Love the feeling of accomplishment.

Are you at QuiltCon? I'm not - just too much to do around here! Maybe next time. I just saw where they have a new QuiltCon digital magazine - it's $14.99. Make an issue of Hexie Love a real bargain at only $5.99!

So how is your week going? Are you finding time to hexie? Don't stop! There's so much to make with them! I just designed a beautiful scrappy hexie pattern. You'll find it in the next issue of Hexie Love.

I won't have to cook for the next couple of days. Hubby has a colonoscopy scheduled Friday, so he'll be on clear liquids tomorrow. Poor thing! It's a good preventative test though, so worth the time and trouble. I need to schedule one for myself later this Spring. Fun stuff...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hexies, Hexies, Hexies!


I'm swimming in hexies today! What a wonderful feeling! I've basted both 1" and 3/4" hexies over the last couple of days. My supply is replenished!

I've worked on 4 different projects today. One of the is the 2015 March Block of the Month. I'll finish the appliqué tonight. The other three projects are all for Hexie Love - you'll get to see them soon, if you subscribe.

I'm still getting rave reviews on the magazine! If you haven't signed up yet, do it!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hexies and Coffee

Now tell me, is there a better way to ease into a Monday morning? I have my coffee and a pile of papers and fabric. Needle, thread, thimble. What a great way to start the week. Do you like those black and white hexies? I do!

The last two weeks have been so busy, but this week I'm hopping off the Merry-Go-Round. Ahhh.... I see lots of sewing happening around here! And Hexie Love fun!

Today I'll be working on replenishing my stash of basted hexies - working on the 1" hexies this morning. This afternoon I'll switch to 3/4" hexies.

We have not had any of the winter weather issues way down here in LA (Lower Alabama). In fact, it's going up to 60 degrees today. But then it will storm and get quite chilly for the rest of the week. Sounds like good weather for sewing!

I do need to take time out to do some grocery shopping (before the rain starts!) and to make a double batch of Whole Wheat Banana Bread. And then, more hexies!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hexie Crazy!

Did you see these hexies on the Hexie Love Facebook page last night? I stayed up late and stitched these beauties to the mother ship last night - ready to appliqué!!!

This afternoon I've been working on the March/April issue of Hexie Love. Oh, you're going to love this one!

As I've been inserting the articles and pictures into the issue, I've been thinking. Are some of us who love to hand baste and stitch together hexagons just a bit crazy? Some of our quilts have hundreds, or thousands, or even TENS OF THOUSANDS of these cute little hexies, some of which are only 1/4" to a side! I mean, really?

Why is it many of like, even LOVE, to do this tedious task for FUN?

As for me, I've always been a bit of an overachiever. When my mother taught me to cross stitch, I chose a huge, extremely elaborate pattern for my first piece. My first quilt was definitely not a beginner project either; it had y-seams, and appliqué, and tiny piecing. And yes, I finished it.

I think this is why I love hexagons so much. They are not the quick little project. They require thought, and focus, and planning, and determination, and lots of patience. And I can't go a day without a hexie! So if this is crazy, then bring it on!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is my pile of Valentine's loot - Hubby did really well! That's TWO boxes of candy, a sweet card, a local magazine, two necklaces (in the gift bag), and my favorite of all in the back. Do you see them? Aged metal letters that spell HEXIE! LOVE THEM!!!! I'm planning on hanging them in my studio.

It was a special day here in Auburn, AL. I told the story a few months ago about how the two large 80 year old oak trees were poisoned a few years ago. They died and had to be removed.

Today we got to new Toomer's Oaks! There was a party atmosphere in downtown Auburn. The streets were closed and tons of people came to watch. We drove by a little while ago and saw them.  They are huge! And we are very happy here in Auburn!

I made Hubby pancakes this morning, and later today I made him a strawberry cake - one of his favorites.

I sent my article and pictures to Quilting Arts magazine today - another thing marked off my list. Tonight I'll be stitching hexies. Next week I'll be working on the pages of the next issue of Hexie Love! It's shaping into a wonderful issue!

Hope you've had a heart-filled day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sew and Share with Cherokee Rose Quilters!

I spent a wonderful day yesterday with the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild in Douglasville, GA. I think this must be the most energetic and enthusiastic group I have ever taught! They were so much fun!
And look at this fabulous hexie quilt that was brought to share! Gorgeous!

And someone else brought their 2014 Hexie Block of the Month quilt! Gorgeous!

They all got their hexie on! I had more people tell me at the end that hexie have never been on their radar - never thought they'd want to make them. But now, they have a inspiration to get started - yay! That means I did my job, sharing the hexie love!

Today, I tired! But I have to get going! I need to finish my article and photos for Quilting Arts magazine. And then...maybe....a nap...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hexie Storage

How do you store your basted hexies? I'd love to know!

I keep mine in a couple of (clean!) Chinese take-out containers. This year I need lots of 3/4" hexies for the 2015 Block of the Month.

These are running low! Need to get busy...

I have all the designs done for the entire year of BOM's. When it's time to make one, I love to be able to play with my basted hexies to decide which will go where.

I have another container for 1" hexies for Odyssey, the progressive quilt that I'm designing for Hexie Love. I have more of these made, but I can always use more! Once I get past this busy week I'll focus on replenishing!

This morning I had a wonderful meeting with my Accountant - she takes a load off my mind!

This afternoon I'm working on the next issue of Hexie Love. There is a FABULOUS article by Linda White, of Dear Prudence fame - I know you'll love it!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hexie Peak

Here's what I'm working on this morning. I need to do a bit of work on it and then later today I'm shipping it off to Quilting Arts magazine.

It was such a pretty weekend here! We drove to the lake on Saturday. Look at this sight I spotted on the way - jeans as planters! Haha!

The water is down, but will be rising very soon. I love the lines on the piers and steps. That pier on the right will be floating soon and the step will be under water.

We (of course!) took Cooper along. He can run free there and loves it! He adores running FAST! His friend, Jackie (according to her tag) was there to join the fun.

Yes, he swam! He loves the lake!!! And we do, too.

I think I'm almost ready for my meeting with my accountant tomorrow. I have a busy week ahead. Hope to get some sewing done though.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday Finish!

Yesterday morning, I sat beside my trusty Bernice, the Bernina, and worked on the CS border.

I turned the corner, adding the second side border. Looking good!

Then it was back downstairs to work on Quickbooks. I parked the doxies beside the fire with a quilt. Luckily they stayed so I could concentrate. I entered stacks of receipts and expenses and stuff. I'm getting the hang of this! I learned to reconcile my business checking account on there. I think I can do this!

Then I worked a bit on the little project for Quilting Arts magazine. I got everything marked off my list, so...

I went back upstairs and...voila!

The quilt top is complete! I'm so happy to have this done! I already have the backing fabric - I'll have someone quilt this for me - way too big for me to tackle myself.

I have another UFO in mind to work on next, but I think I'll wait a couple of weeks. I need to concentrate on Hexie Love and other pending hexie fun stuff! And I need to replenish my supply of basted hexies!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Borders and Egg Shells

I had so much to do yesterday that I almost skipped my morning UFO hour. But, no, that's not how I roll. And you know, sometimes the more you have to do, the more you get done. I had a wonderfully organized list for the day and just kept at it until all was done.

So during my UFO hour, I put the 2 inch neutral border around all four sides of the quilt. And then I put the pieced triangle border along one side. I really love this orange and navy border! I had made all these little triangle units over a year ago!

I had to share this eggshell picture...just because! A friend at work gave hubby a dozen eggs from his chickens. I made us a yummy omelet last weekend. Don't you just love the variety of colors?

I'm almost done with the sample for Quilting Arts magazine. I hope to ship it to them by Monday at the latest. I'm almost done with their article, also. Step outs for Quilting Arts TV will have to wait a bit - I've got my own magazine to work on!

I have to spend a few hours today working on Quick Books. It's not my favorite part of my business running, but it must be done. I'm meeting with my accountant next week (it's tax time!) so I need to get this done! Now! Yuck! I'm hoping over time I'll come to enjoy this. There's always hope, right?
Did you know my first year in college I was an accounting major? I learned very quickly that this was not for me and switched over to engineering.

I forgot to mention - Wednesday I spotted a bald eagle. I was upstairs in my studio (UFO time!) and saw it perched in a tree overlooking the lake. I tried to get a photo (picture me hiking across a field, camera in hand, dogs barking at me), but I couldn't get close enough. My photos all just show a black blob with a white blob on top. But it was a magnificent sight. I've never seen a bald eagle in its natural habitat. I love living here!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Last Four Blocks...

Did you miss me yesterday? It was one of those over-the-top busy days and my blog post just never happened. Somehow I did manage to make the last four blocks for the Celtic Solstice. I sewed them to another chunk of quilt, and then sewed the chunk to the mother ship. Today I'll work for a bit on the borders.

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, you already know my news. I was asked to film another segment for Quilting Arts TV. Yay! It will be much easier this time as I know what to expect. Filming will not happen until near the end of March so I have plenty of time to prepare. HOWEVER, I was also asked to write an article for Quilting Arts Magazine (Yay again!) and that deadline is looming. As in next week. EEK!

No worries, though. I wrote most of the article yesterday (see why my day was so busy?) and today will put together the pictures and work on a small project to send.

I also got my hair done yesterday - ahhhh, much better! That always give you a lift, doesn't it?

Today's another doozy of a day. My list is made and I'm going to get to work and start marking things off.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hexies Ready to Stitch

I thought it was about time I shared a doxie photo. Here are Prince and Mickey snuggled on a couple of quilts. There are usually UNDER the quilts. I caught them in a rare moment.

Don't you just love Clover Wonder Clips? They are so helpful for hexie lovers.

Today I laid out the March Hexie Block of the Month, then grouped the hexies with the clips.

Then they all went in a baggie, ready to stitch tonight.

I did another four Celtic Solstice block today. (Insert drumroll here.) Tomorrow I will make the LAST four blocks!!! And the borders will commence!!!

Today I also wrote a book review for the next issue of Hexie Love - it's a good one! And I spent a few hours organizing my business files. Whew! I'm ready to settle in front of the television and stitch hexies together!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

UFO: The End is Near!

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? We did - nothing momentous, but nice.

My Celtic Solstice is big enough to cover the top of a queen size bed! I'm working on the last chunk. I only have 8 more blocks to go. I even cut fabric for the inner border and started sewing the pieced triangle units together for the outer border. Big yippee! I hope to finish the quilt top this week!  Then on to another UFO!

Meanwhile, I'm making lots of hexies! 

I'm blogging on my IPad today. Daughter 2's computer crashed over the weekend. It's fatal, I'm afraid. But it served her well through most of Pharmacy School. She borrowing mine while the store loads her important stuff on the new one we bought.

We have a beautiful sunny day today, though it's chilly out. I have a lovely afternoon of Hexie goodness ahead of me!