Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is my pile of Valentine's loot - Hubby did really well! That's TWO boxes of candy, a sweet card, a local magazine, two necklaces (in the gift bag), and my favorite of all in the back. Do you see them? Aged metal letters that spell HEXIE! LOVE THEM!!!! I'm planning on hanging them in my studio.

It was a special day here in Auburn, AL. I told the story a few months ago about how the two large 80 year old oak trees were poisoned a few years ago. They died and had to be removed.

Today we got to new Toomer's Oaks! There was a party atmosphere in downtown Auburn. The streets were closed and tons of people came to watch. We drove by a little while ago and saw them.  They are huge! And we are very happy here in Auburn!

I made Hubby pancakes this morning, and later today I made him a strawberry cake - one of his favorites.

I sent my article and pictures to Quilting Arts magazine today - another thing marked off my list. Tonight I'll be stitching hexies. Next week I'll be working on the pages of the next issue of Hexie Love! It's shaping into a wonderful issue!

Hope you've had a heart-filled day!


  1. He's a keeper! Those letters are fabulous! Enjoy...

  2. Great loot! Love the beautiful new tree. So glad the town replanted.


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