Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hexie Storage

How do you store your basted hexies? I'd love to know!

I keep mine in a couple of (clean!) Chinese take-out containers. This year I need lots of 3/4" hexies for the 2015 Block of the Month.

These are running low! Need to get busy...

I have all the designs done for the entire year of BOM's. When it's time to make one, I love to be able to play with my basted hexies to decide which will go where.

I have another container for 1" hexies for Odyssey, the progressive quilt that I'm designing for Hexie Love. I have more of these made, but I can always use more! Once I get past this busy week I'll focus on replenishing!

This morning I had a wonderful meeting with my Accountant - she takes a load off my mind!

This afternoon I'm working on the next issue of Hexie Love. There is a FABULOUS article by Linda White, of Dear Prudence fame - I know you'll love it!


  1. I use plastic pencil boxes from Walmart for my hexie projects!

  2. "Keepsake Quilting" has boxes for charms and I got 3 free one time. They work for my hexies up to 1" (largest I've done so far). They are clear enough that I can see what is inside. I stack my hexies together by material/colors on edge in one box, and the pinned and/or trimmed ones or squares before trimming in a second one with my thimble, needles and papers. Sometime I use a slightly bigger plastic box (needs latches) like the pencil box when I have a lot ready to make!!! But I like the containers to be clear enough to see thru the plastic.

  3. If they are for a project I'm working on I keep everything in a large zip lock bag. If they are leftover hexagons I have a box that I store them in. These odd hexagons are great for rosette centres.

    I just subscribed to Hexie Love and am enjoying it. You did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to the next issue!

  4. I change what I store them in all the time. But I may have a wee bit of a problem with storage containers. I can not go in a store that has them without going by them. And I usually have to buy some. I like to organize things ;). I don't always keep things organized, but......
    My children poke fun at me about my storage solutions.


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