Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Ikea Cart

Have you heard? Ikea is coming out with a new cart design! And isn't it adorable!? I love the fact that is has a flat surface on the top. Yes, I can see lots of space for some hexie supplies to have at the ready. And the white color is so crisp and clean. One of these would work in the bathroom, too.

I finished the appliqué on the March BOM this morning. I would not eat breakfast until it was done - haha! Do you give yourself deadlines like that? Tonight I'll be doing the perle cotton embroidery.

I also finished another Hexie Love magazine project this morning. Done. Photographed. Article written. Pages laid out. Love the feeling of accomplishment.

Are you at QuiltCon? I'm not - just too much to do around here! Maybe next time. I just saw where they have a new QuiltCon digital magazine - it's $14.99. Make an issue of Hexie Love a real bargain at only $5.99!

So how is your week going? Are you finding time to hexie? Don't stop! There's so much to make with them! I just designed a beautiful scrappy hexie pattern. You'll find it in the next issue of Hexie Love.

I won't have to cook for the next couple of days. Hubby has a colonoscopy scheduled Friday, so he'll be on clear liquids tomorrow. Poor thing! It's a good preventative test though, so worth the time and trouble. I need to schedule one for myself later this Spring. Fun stuff...

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  1. That cart looks so good. And lots of room for works in progress to be stashed.
    Good luck to your hubby on the colonoscopy.


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