Friday, February 6, 2015

Borders and Egg Shells

I had so much to do yesterday that I almost skipped my morning UFO hour. But, no, that's not how I roll. And you know, sometimes the more you have to do, the more you get done. I had a wonderfully organized list for the day and just kept at it until all was done.

So during my UFO hour, I put the 2 inch neutral border around all four sides of the quilt. And then I put the pieced triangle border along one side. I really love this orange and navy border! I had made all these little triangle units over a year ago!

I had to share this eggshell picture...just because! A friend at work gave hubby a dozen eggs from his chickens. I made us a yummy omelet last weekend. Don't you just love the variety of colors?

I'm almost done with the sample for Quilting Arts magazine. I hope to ship it to them by Monday at the latest. I'm almost done with their article, also. Step outs for Quilting Arts TV will have to wait a bit - I've got my own magazine to work on!

I have to spend a few hours today working on Quick Books. It's not my favorite part of my business running, but it must be done. I'm meeting with my accountant next week (it's tax time!) so I need to get this done! Now! Yuck! I'm hoping over time I'll come to enjoy this. There's always hope, right?
Did you know my first year in college I was an accounting major? I learned very quickly that this was not for me and switched over to engineering.

I forgot to mention - Wednesday I spotted a bald eagle. I was upstairs in my studio (UFO time!) and saw it perched in a tree overlooking the lake. I tried to get a photo (picture me hiking across a field, camera in hand, dogs barking at me), but I couldn't get close enough. My photos all just show a black blob with a white blob on top. But it was a magnificent sight. I've never seen a bald eagle in its natural habitat. I love living here!


  1. border looks great, If I remember correctly, I ended up doing one less block on the border because the math just didn't fit right...

  2. The triangles are so great, I love the colors. And the egg shell colors would make a pretty low volume quilt don't you think?


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