Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Glitter Quilt Top Finished!

I finished sewing all the Glitter blocks together on Sunday. Yay! I really like it! I decided not to add borders. It's the perfect lap size - I like lap quilts! 

You may remember I used a limited array of colors to blend with the wallpaper in my sewing closet.  So when finished, this quilt will probably live in my sewing room on the back of my rocker/recliner.  For now I've put it away. I'll big stitch quilt it when I've finished quilting Marshall.

Here's the latest Happy Birds block. Love this one. The green and pink really speak to me. And fun embellishments, too!

So when you finish one quilt, what do you do? 

Buy more fabric and start another one! I've been on the lookout for a new fabric line that has great colors and good fussy cutting options. I was planning on looking when I go to Quilt Festival in Houston next month, but then I happened upon this on-line. 

This is Jungle Paradise by Moda, designed by Stacy Iest Hsu.

And yes..... it will be a Curved Hexagon project! I'm doing some experimenting with this - using a different technique to sew everything together - more to come on this! 

Is that little frog not the cutest thing ever???!!!!

Continue to stay safe!


Saturday, September 18, 2021

Still Making Progress!

My Courthouse Steps quilt is halfway done! I've really gotten into the groove of making one block on most days. 32 blocks done (and sewn together). 32 blocks to go. You may remember, this one quilt hang on the wall behind our bed.

I also finished another large block unit of my cheddar bowtie quilt. I now have 4 of these units. I need at least 2 more...but who know? I may keep going and make it bigger.

And another bird has been finished. 

You may have noticed Glitter is still on the design wall behind the Courthouse Steps quilt. I only have ONE more little block to make and that will happen today. Then I can sew the blocks together and add some borders. 

Hopefully the next time you see Glitter, it will be a finished top. I think I'll hand quilt - big stitch style. But I have to finish hand quilting Marshal first - and it has a lot to go!

I'm happy to report that my blood pressure is now NORMAL!!!! All the walking and losing a few pounds has done the trick. So happy a avoided taking a prescription!

Our sweet Sadie - she make us smile, and laugh, and is so much fun! We are so lucky to get to keep her 5 days per week. Absolute joy. 

Continue to stay safe!


Sunday, September 5, 2021

September Morn

I love these cool mornings we're having. It's so nice to have pleasant temps for my morning walk. I'm pleased to announce that my walks have officially become a HABIT! It took a long time. I started this walking journey in December. I started with a few days a week, maybe 20 minutes long. Today I walked for 47 minutes.  I walk every single morning as soon as I wake up, listening to an audio book as I go. I'm getting a lot of books read which is a bonus.

I read somewhere recently: You've created a habit when it's no longer what you do, but who you are.

So true. 

Here's my bird for the week. I'll start a new one today.

I'm still making these Courthouse Step blocks. I make one almost every day. 

I've discovered that I can make a cheddar bow tie four patch at the same time, leader/ender style. 

This weekend I spent some time hand tracing and cutting more Glitter blocks, ready for hand piecing. 

We also changed out the quilt hanging in the dining room. Yay, Fall!  I made Appalachian Autumn last year, finishing it just in time for Christmas quilts to be displayed. So it was immediately put away. So glad to see it again!

Marshal. I call it 'Blessings.' I put it aside to hand quilt while watching college football. I'm so glad that time is HERE! Will I finish it before football season is over??? Stay tuned.

Continue to stay safe!