Sunday, September 5, 2021

September Morn

I love these cool mornings we're having. It's so nice to have pleasant temps for my morning walk. I'm pleased to announce that my walks have officially become a HABIT! It took a long time. I started this walking journey in December. I started with a few days a week, maybe 20 minutes long. Today I walked for 47 minutes.  I walk every single morning as soon as I wake up, listening to an audio book as I go. I'm getting a lot of books read which is a bonus.

I read somewhere recently: You've created a habit when it's no longer what you do, but who you are.

So true. 

Here's my bird for the week. I'll start a new one today.

I'm still making these Courthouse Step blocks. I make one almost every day. 

I've discovered that I can make a cheddar bow tie four patch at the same time, leader/ender style. 

This weekend I spent some time hand tracing and cutting more Glitter blocks, ready for hand piecing. 

We also changed out the quilt hanging in the dining room. Yay, Fall!  I made Appalachian Autumn last year, finishing it just in time for Christmas quilts to be displayed. So it was immediately put away. So glad to see it again!

Marshal. I call it 'Blessings.' I put it aside to hand quilt while watching college football. I'm so glad that time is HERE! Will I finish it before football season is over??? Stay tuned.

Continue to stay safe!



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