Monday, October 24, 2022

This, That, and The Other

I thought I'd share this little pumpkin tote bag I made in one of the machine mastery classes I recently took for my Bernina. We were working with the embroidery module on this particular day. Such great classes! How did I not know that machine feet with a D (example, 3D) in the name are meant only for the dual feed function???? So many great little tips!

I simply have to share this with you! I have found a new makeup line that I ADORE! I had given up on foundation - haven't worn it in years. It's impossible to find a shade that matches my skin tone, and I couldn't find one that 'felt' right. They were always too much coverage or too little.

I finally found one that is 'just right'! This is by Jones Road, developed by Bobbie Brown. I ordered online after taking their quiz to pick out my shade. My shade is Porcelain. When I opened it I immediately thought it would be too dark, but it's absolutely perfect! I bought several of the products and love them all. Now I plan to order more.

Here's a weird selfie of me in the car (with seat belt and mastectomy pillow!) so you can see how the foundation looks on me. I'm terrible at selfies! But I do love this makeup!

What? Needlepoint? YES! You know I've been making Sadie a wool bird Christmas ornament every year. This Christmas we'll have another grand - Baby Noah due in weeks. I decided to make him a needlepoint ornament each year, so this will be his first. A friend taught me to always do the white first, so that's what I'm doing. 

Here's a sneak peak at the Sadie quilt - still making quilting progress. I'm working on it a few hours each week.

This past week I made TWO Apple Dapple Cakes. This is a childhood favorite of mine. My mother made this every Fall. My brother makes many of these each year for Christmas presents. I hadn't made one in years. We are eating and sharing one of these. I froze the other to save for the holidays. SO GOOD! Sinfully delicious! After baking you make a sauce to pour over the top and it soaks in. YUM! Find the recipe HERE.

And that is the randomness that's going on around here. I'm loving the pleasant weather. I've gotten out of the habit of walking since we moved, but hope to start back again soon. Enjoy your week!


Monday, October 17, 2022

Back in the Swing of Sewing!

I've missed quite a few weekends of college football hand quilting. But Saturday I spent the entire day on the back patio quilting my heart out. Yay!

I also got back (finally!) to machine quilting my Sadie quilt. It's straight line quilting, and not perfect, but just what I planned.

Here's a quick pic of my new sewing room closet. It's more like a room than a closet, but it doesn't have any windows. I decided to put my antique childhood bed in here. It's a great place to display a few of my antique quilts, And also a great place to nap, perhaps?

That's it for today...enjoy these beautiful October days! I certainly am...


Monday, October 10, 2022

The Baby Quilts!

My daughter had her baby shower Saturday. I gifted the baby quilts so I can finally share them here! This first one will match the nursery decor and will be draped over the rocking chair. It did not turn out as I had planned because I cut some pieces incorrectly. I had to wing it and come up with my own pattern on the fly. All's well that ends well. In the end, I'm perfectly happy with it!

I love this quilt - it's the one made from thrift shop men's shirts. I concentrated on orange and blue to get a touch of Auburn colors in a quilt for our upcoming baby boy. So soft and so fun! This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern - you can find it HERE.

And this is my favorite! I made this Eye Spy quilt using pattern inspiration from a quilt I saw on Instagram. Each block is appliqued by hand. I made my own template and used Cherrywood fabrics for the solids. I had friends give me some of the fabric and I collected some of it. Sadie may claim this one before her brother arrives, because I know she loves it! Notice that I appliqued the new baby's initials in the upper left. NJC - Noah James Covington. We are so ready to meet you, Noah! And it won't be long now....

I still need to share all about the machine classes I took last week - more soon!


Monday, October 3, 2022

Settling In

Here's a quick shot from my new sewing room. Yes, my machine is in place and ready to sew! At least it was for a day or so....more on that later. Those boxes are now unpacked!  But things are not put away exactly right yet. I need to do some organizing!

The flotsam and jetsam of unpacking...these are the things we've unpacked that we have no idea about. What are they? Where do they go? We did figure out that white tube - it's the handle from some blinds at the previous house. Yay!

I'm REALLY trying to make this house more organized than previous homes have been. If you zoom in, you'll see I have bins for different types of over the counter meds. They are separated by type: cold and cough, wound care, stomach. Yes, I LOVE what they do on The Home Edit show! Let's see if I can do this throughout the entire be continued.

This will be a busy week for me. I'm taking an all day machine mastery class on my Bernina in Montgomery on Tuesday. And on Friday, I'll be taking a machine mastery class on the embroidery module for my Bernina. I've been wanting to take these classes for over a year. They are only taught a few times per year and something always interferes. So excited I can go! And that explains why my machine is no longer in place. I have it packed and ready to go to Montgomery.

Thursday I have a much anticipated Ophthalmologist appointment. I've been having LOTS of trouble with my right eye - not sure what's going on, but I really can't see much with it. I'm going to a new doctor and I hope he gets to the root of the cause. 

Until then, more unpacking and organization! We're getting there! And good news: we are under contract to sell the previous house - yippee! So happy about this!

Enjoy your week!!!