Monday, October 3, 2022

Settling In

Here's a quick shot from my new sewing room. Yes, my machine is in place and ready to sew! At least it was for a day or so....more on that later. Those boxes are now unpacked!  But things are not put away exactly right yet. I need to do some organizing!

The flotsam and jetsam of unpacking...these are the things we've unpacked that we have no idea about. What are they? Where do they go? We did figure out that white tube - it's the handle from some blinds at the previous house. Yay!

I'm REALLY trying to make this house more organized than previous homes have been. If you zoom in, you'll see I have bins for different types of over the counter meds. They are separated by type: cold and cough, wound care, stomach. Yes, I LOVE what they do on The Home Edit show! Let's see if I can do this throughout the entire be continued.

This will be a busy week for me. I'm taking an all day machine mastery class on my Bernina in Montgomery on Tuesday. And on Friday, I'll be taking a machine mastery class on the embroidery module for my Bernina. I've been wanting to take these classes for over a year. They are only taught a few times per year and something always interferes. So excited I can go! And that explains why my machine is no longer in place. I have it packed and ready to go to Montgomery.

Thursday I have a much anticipated Ophthalmologist appointment. I've been having LOTS of trouble with my right eye - not sure what's going on, but I really can't see much with it. I'm going to a new doctor and I hope he gets to the root of the cause. 

Until then, more unpacking and organization! We're getting there! And good news: we are under contract to sell the previous house - yippee! So happy about this!

Enjoy your week!!!

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  1. I love organizing. I just wish I were better at it! Congrats on the previous house contract!


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