Monday, October 10, 2022

The Baby Quilts!

My daughter had her baby shower Saturday. I gifted the baby quilts so I can finally share them here! This first one will match the nursery decor and will be draped over the rocking chair. It did not turn out as I had planned because I cut some pieces incorrectly. I had to wing it and come up with my own pattern on the fly. All's well that ends well. In the end, I'm perfectly happy with it!

I love this quilt - it's the one made from thrift shop men's shirts. I concentrated on orange and blue to get a touch of Auburn colors in a quilt for our upcoming baby boy. So soft and so fun! This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern - you can find it HERE.

And this is my favorite! I made this Eye Spy quilt using pattern inspiration from a quilt I saw on Instagram. Each block is appliqued by hand. I made my own template and used Cherrywood fabrics for the solids. I had friends give me some of the fabric and I collected some of it. Sadie may claim this one before her brother arrives, because I know she loves it! Notice that I appliqued the new baby's initials in the upper left. NJC - Noah James Covington. We are so ready to meet you, Noah! And it won't be long now....

I still need to share all about the machine classes I took last week - more soon!


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