Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Cross Stitch Update


I had a productive week in the cross stitch arena. I FINISHED the April block, early! Woohoo!

And then I went back to the March block - remember that big blank space I had left empty? A high school friend suggested I add Sadie's birth year there! Perfect! Thanks, Joni H!

And I made a small start on the May block. I love being ahead!

With the finish of the the April block...I'm a third of the way finished with Anniversaries of the Heart! I finished the top row of blocks and the May block has started the second of the three rows. 

I'm a happy camper. 

Today I went shopping. i was again getting desperate for come new clothes. I have no summer clothes that fit. I'm basically living in one pair of jeans and assorted t-shirts that are a bit too big.  I went to Dillard's and had some good luck. I bought plenty of new summer shirts, some pants, some cropped pants, and a skort. Again, I'm a happy camper! So needed some new things!

I don't love shopping. I like to go a couple of times per year and buy plenty of items so I won't have to go back any time soon. Haha! So glad I found things that fit!

In other news, I keep getting spam comments on my blog. I finally had to switch to moderating the comments. So please don't be put off by this - if the comment is not spam, I'll approve it quickly, I promise!

Okay, then. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sewing! And a Bit of Golf?

Earlier in the week, I made this Woppet Bucket. I saw it on Pinterest and got the pattern download HERE.

You can pull up the straps to turn the bucket into a bag of sorts. I LOVED making this! The instructions are wonderful and it was a quick project. I want to make more - and change up the handle colors with each one. 

I also added two more rows to my Sadie portrait. It's coming along!


Our kids treated Hubby to a fun day at a special Top Golf event here at the Auburn University football stadium. His birthday was earlier in the month - a great present! All six of us went - the daughters and their husbands, too. What a great time!

Here I was, about to begin my turn.

Of course, Hubby is an expert at this!

And here is the current state of my sewing room. Oh dear - need to clean up!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Cross Stitch Update

 I've been making really good progress on the April block of Anniversaries of the Heart. At this rate I'll easily finish it by the end of the month.

I've decided not to add any personalization to this unless I decided to add some initials of my parents and Hubby's parents. Our family is not huge so every block will not need something special added. 

Changing the subject, I'm so tired of the issues Bloglovin has been having as of late. I read lots of blogs every morning with my coffee and I really miss the format! Let's all hope they can fix it soon!

And the bison burger: they were absolutely delicious. From here on out these will be the burgers I buy for our grilling. Fresh and yummy. Tastes like beef, but better and more juicy. YUM!

Go sew something today!

Monday, April 18, 2022

Lake Weekend!


We had a long weekend, so we headed for the lake! We spent 3 nights there and it was a much needed relaxing weekend. As you may remember, our lake home had a leak last year that entailed another remodel/repair job that made us miss the entire summer season there. 

It was good to be back! And that meant dinner out at the lake at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I didn't imbibe too much - I only drank half of my small Margarita and only had a few chips before dinner. Noom psychology really works!

Our doggies love a good boat ride, and so do we!

We came home on Sunday, thoroughly relaxed. Hubby didn't relax as much as I did - he did yard work and put the batteries in the boat and Sea Doos - but he loves this kind of 'work'. 

I only took hand stitching with me. I did finish a few more of these eye spy quilt blocks while there. I also did a good bit of cross stitching. 

Hubby is grilling out tonight - bison burgers! Have you tried this? I had a bison burger at a local restaurant recently and loved it. Bison is less fatty than beef. 

See you here Wednesday for a Cross Stitch update!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Cross Stitch Update!

 Considering that I only started the April block a week ago....I think I've made good progress! I'm trying to do a bit more outlining bigger items - like the house and roof - so then I can mindlessly fill in. This is working well for me. There's still plenty more to do, but I'm pleased. Maybe I can finish it before the month is over...

We are having a busy week, as usual. And that's a very good thing!

Happy Easter, if you celebrate!

Monday, April 11, 2022

Another Bag Finished!

I finished the Macaroon Bag yesterday! It ended up that the bag instructions call for the entire bag to be stitched by hand. The only machine sewing I did was to sew the binding around both sides.

I added a cute little zipper pull as well - love this little tidbit!

Here's the back side.

This was me yesterday hand stitching the zipper.

And here's a peak at the inside. 

In the instructions, I was supposed to sew in a D ring and add a wristlet strap. I decided not to add these.

Aren't they cute together? I'm happy!

I worked a bit on the corner of my Sadie quilt, though it doesn't look like much progress. I have gotten the technique down and feel comfortable with it now. By the time I get to her face...I hope to be that much better at this.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Cross Stitch Update


I did not get finished with the March block during the weekend. But I worked Monday and Tuesday evenings, and I'm calling it done for now. Because of the way I redesigned the name placement, there is a big gap below the name (over the bunny). Eventually I want to stitch something there, but I need to think on what it will be.

I was ready to start the April block this evening, but realized I don't have the needed thread color for the border. And I really want to start with the border! So I'll head to Hobby Lobby tomorrow with my thread list and take the evening off cross stitch tonight. 

Have a great rest of your week!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Bag Progress, and TWO New Projects!


I did get all the circles appliqued on the bag pieces. But then I had to quilt each piece (by hand). And then I hand washed them to remove my marks. So now they are drying. Alas, I didn't get to the point to actually sew the bag together. Next weekend? Hopefully!

Introducing my new eye spy quilt project! I was inspired by @charmaboutyou on Instagram. As soon as I saw her post, I knew this had to be my eye spy quilt! I made quick template with template plastic - I say quick, but it took a few tries until I was happy. I think I'll like this. Of course, it needs to be stitched by hand. I always do this to myself! Luckily I love hand stitching. I'll be happy if I can do a few blocks per week.

And now for my other new start. I'm so in love with this project! It'll be a portrait of Sadie. I had a photo blown up super big to work from. If you look closely, you can see two small squares I've done. This is a technique I learned in Timna Tarr's online class. And yes, it will take some time. And yes, I'm doing more hand sewing, though Timna uses a machine. So excited!

I took this from a swing in a local park this past week. The weather was so beautiful and we hit a few parks. We have so many parks in our city and we love them. Loving SPRING!

Have a great week!