Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sewing! And a Bit of Golf?

Earlier in the week, I made this Woppet Bucket. I saw it on Pinterest and got the pattern download HERE.

You can pull up the straps to turn the bucket into a bag of sorts. I LOVED making this! The instructions are wonderful and it was a quick project. I want to make more - and change up the handle colors with each one. 

I also added two more rows to my Sadie portrait. It's coming along!


Our kids treated Hubby to a fun day at a special Top Golf event here at the Auburn University football stadium. His birthday was earlier in the month - a great present! All six of us went - the daughters and their husbands, too. What a great time!

Here I was, about to begin my turn.

Of course, Hubby is an expert at this!

And here is the current state of my sewing room. Oh dear - need to clean up!

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  1. Nice bag finish! My sewing/craft area looks the same!


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