Monday, April 18, 2022

Lake Weekend!


We had a long weekend, so we headed for the lake! We spent 3 nights there and it was a much needed relaxing weekend. As you may remember, our lake home had a leak last year that entailed another remodel/repair job that made us miss the entire summer season there. 

It was good to be back! And that meant dinner out at the lake at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I didn't imbibe too much - I only drank half of my small Margarita and only had a few chips before dinner. Noom psychology really works!

Our doggies love a good boat ride, and so do we!

We came home on Sunday, thoroughly relaxed. Hubby didn't relax as much as I did - he did yard work and put the batteries in the boat and Sea Doos - but he loves this kind of 'work'. 

I only took hand stitching with me. I did finish a few more of these eye spy quilt blocks while there. I also did a good bit of cross stitching. 

Hubby is grilling out tonight - bison burgers! Have you tried this? I had a bison burger at a local restaurant recently and loved it. Bison is less fatty than beef. 

See you here Wednesday for a Cross Stitch update!

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