Monday, February 2, 2015

UFO: The End is Near!

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? We did - nothing momentous, but nice.

My Celtic Solstice is big enough to cover the top of a queen size bed! I'm working on the last chunk. I only have 8 more blocks to go. I even cut fabric for the inner border and started sewing the pieced triangle units together for the outer border. Big yippee! I hope to finish the quilt top this week!  Then on to another UFO!

Meanwhile, I'm making lots of hexies! 

I'm blogging on my IPad today. Daughter 2's computer crashed over the weekend. It's fatal, I'm afraid. But it served her well through most of Pharmacy School. She borrowing mine while the store loads her important stuff on the new one we bought.

We have a beautiful sunny day today, though it's chilly out. I have a lovely afternoon of Hexie goodness ahead of me!


  1. Your quilt is stunning so far. I still have Roll Roll Cotton Boll in pieces in a UFO bin. LOL
    On Saturday I got fabric to start Odessey. Now I just need to get organized and go....

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  3. I love your Celtic Solstice quilt. The colors are so vivid and appealing! It really seems to be going together quickly. I wish I could get motivated to work on some of my UFOS. I just keep starting new things. Keep posting photos and maybe it will help me get started on finishing at least one of my UFOS! I have my new Hexie motif laid out (Feb 2015) and ready to sew together. Starting to enjoy these brighter colors more. NJM


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