Monday, February 9, 2015

Hexie Peak

Here's what I'm working on this morning. I need to do a bit of work on it and then later today I'm shipping it off to Quilting Arts magazine.

It was such a pretty weekend here! We drove to the lake on Saturday. Look at this sight I spotted on the way - jeans as planters! Haha!

The water is down, but will be rising very soon. I love the lines on the piers and steps. That pier on the right will be floating soon and the step will be under water.

We (of course!) took Cooper along. He can run free there and loves it! He adores running FAST! His friend, Jackie (according to her tag) was there to join the fun.

Yes, he swam! He loves the lake!!! And we do, too.

I think I'm almost ready for my meeting with my accountant tomorrow. I have a busy week ahead. Hope to get some sewing done though.


  1. Looks like Cooper had fun. My dog is small. He has short legs. He never runs fast. LOL And he hates water.

  2. Have a great week! Kudos on your business software (Openworks?). We use Intuit software - Quicken - for family and love it. Have for years and years. It can do lots more than we do with it, and I imagine you have to do more with your business, too! Love the pics of the dogs playing. I have 4 big dogs and they all love water except one doesn't like "bath" water. He had mange as a rescue puppy and we had to dip him daily for 2 weeks so I think that ended his love of baths!!! Anyway, glad your weekend was so enjoyable. Loving the emag and BOM!!!


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