Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Last Four Blocks...

Did you miss me yesterday? It was one of those over-the-top busy days and my blog post just never happened. Somehow I did manage to make the last four blocks for the Celtic Solstice. I sewed them to another chunk of quilt, and then sewed the chunk to the mother ship. Today I'll work for a bit on the borders.

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, you already know my news. I was asked to film another segment for Quilting Arts TV. Yay! It will be much easier this time as I know what to expect. Filming will not happen until near the end of March so I have plenty of time to prepare. HOWEVER, I was also asked to write an article for Quilting Arts Magazine (Yay again!) and that deadline is looming. As in next week. EEK!

No worries, though. I wrote most of the article yesterday (see why my day was so busy?) and today will put together the pictures and work on a small project to send.

I also got my hair done yesterday - ahhhh, much better! That always give you a lift, doesn't it?

Today's another doozy of a day. My list is made and I'm going to get to work and start marking things off.

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  1. Wow! A triple congratulations to you my dear!!! So exciting, the filming, the writing and the blocks all done. YEAH!!!


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