Saturday, December 31, 2016


I'm making my way around this hexie flower - made a bit of progress yesterday. I'm loving this unit! I'm using my Lap App to hand sew and I love it!

I mentioned a few months ago that I purchased some of the new Aurofil 80 thread - a very fine thread for hand stitching. I finally tried it last night while stitching these hexies together. My opinion: I'll save this thread for another use - maybe appliqué - I found it wasn't quite sturdy enough for hexies. It broke on me a few times and I stopped using it.

I realize I STILL haven't selected a name for this quilt! Or given away the rulers to those who made suggestions. I promise I'll do it SOON!

I also cut out all the pieces for yesterday's En Provence clue. I even started sewing them together. I will most likely work on these more this weekend because I'm guessing Bonnie will release the next clue tonight or tomorrow. We still haven't used the yellow fabric yet...

We're running a quick errand this morning. I bought something last night on our local Facebook yard sale group. Hubby is going with me to make the transaction. I'll share it tomorrow - a fun home decor item. And it came from an old sewing factory!

Of course, there are football bowl games to watch today - that means lots of hand stitching for me! I still haven't finished binding Allietare - so some of that might happen.

We had planned to swim this morning, but we slept too late to do so before our errand - maybe later? Or maybe a hike? We'll have to bundle up - it's cold out there!

As usual, we're having a quiet New Year's Eve at home - the best kind! Do you have exciting plans?

Have a wonderful day!

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