Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tri-Recs, and Dresdens, and Hexies! Oh My!

 Yesterday was so very productive! I sewed together the Tri-Recs for Clue 2 for En Provence. This didn't take long since the pieces were already cut. And YAY! They turned out the same size as the four patches!

Then I cut out the background squares for Gardenvale - this didn't take long either. And then (you know I had to!) I grabbed one of the sets of dresden pieces and put it together. LOVE IT! Eventually I'll machine appliqué these to the background squares and then machine appliqué a circle to the middle. But first...27 more dresden plates to make!

And last night....more basting of these little beauties! Getting there!

Last night's dinner: roasted vegetables with a sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles and quinoa. Can you tell we've been eating healthy lately? 

Because Hubby is still unable to play golf due to the load of stitches in his forehead (skin cancer surgery) we've been watching LOTS of Netflix. We completely finished Doctor Foster - really enjoyed it! We're on the last season of Foyle's War - still good, but we liked the earlier seasons better. Still enjoying Call the Midwife and Doc Martin! 

Today on the schedule is En Provence, but I've already done that. Since I'm caught up I plan to baste Allietare. Then it will be ready to start machine quilting when Monday rolls around. Sounds like a plan!

I'm taking a day off from swimming - I'm happy if I swim laps four days per week. But we do hope to take Cooper on a long walk later today. 

Hope you have a productive day!!!


  1. I'm finishing off my part 2 units of En Provence, spent 4.5 hours volunteering at our parochial school library and plant o quilt this evening as DH is off to a plant society mtg. Blessings,

  2. OK..have you watched The Killing! WOW..another good one...I looked up your other series and added them to my list on Netflix! it me or is that a Flamingo in your Gardenvale piece(s)!! Sure look like one to me!


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