Saturday, December 10, 2016

When Life Gives You Yummy Lemons...

Yesterday I sewed not a single stitch. I got out of the house for a bit a visiting with a good friend. What fun! I needed some girl talk time! She has a Meyer lemon tree in her yard and got a fantastic crop this year. Look at the size of those lemons! She was so sweet to send me home with a few.

I spent the evening on Pinterest figuring out what I will do with these golden treasures. Of course I found oodles of dessert recipes. Well, that stinks, because we are not eating desserts these days. I did find an interesting recipe for preserved lemons - you can add them to salad dressing, fish dishes, chicken dishes - all kinds of dishes. And they keep for a year in the refrigerator. 

I also came across a recipe for homemade Limoncello - a favorite drink of mine. I'm not drinking at the moment (on my no no list, along with desserts). But it will keep well, also. Two great uses for lemons when you're not eating desserts.

She so inspired me - I really want a Meyer lemon tree! 

It's finally cold way down here in the South. It went down to the 20's last night. Hubby is wearing his Alaska socks, a gift from Daughter 2's honeymoon. Cooper is his foot rest. 

Poor Cooper. He spent two hours playing with his 'brother' Scout yesterday. They played SO hard. When he came home, Cooper got on his bed and never got up. We just thought he was tired, but discovered last night he could barely walk. We think he pulled a muscle in his hip area. 

We babied him and let him sleep in our bedroom on his bed in the corner of the room. This morning he's getting around much better. 

Today I'm going to finish basting Allietare! And maybe stitch some hexies. And maybe work on a Farmer's Daughter block. 

Have a fun day!

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  1. Poor Coop!!!! Hope he feels better....I'm not good at the 'no dessert' thing!! I'd be all over those lemons...although, I just saw on FB a recipe that I'm making tomorrow. If you have any lemons left, check it out (I'm just using chicken breasts):


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