Thursday, December 15, 2016

Name My Quilt!

Last night I finally began stitching the next Farmer's Daughter block. Stitching to Doc Martin - which has quickly become our favorite show. So funny! (We finished Foyle's War...)

Yes, I machine quilted yesterday. No, I didn't quite make my goal of finishing another quarter of the quilt. But since my schedule has me hand sewing today and tomorrow, I've left Allietare in place in the machine - so it's ready to stitch at a moment's notice. I'll probable get it caught up over the weekend, if not before. I didn't want to bore you with another picture of my meandering pattern...

Today is basket day! And doctor day! We're headed back to Montgomery for Hubby's follow up appointment for his skin cancer removal. So I'll pack up my basket blocks and take them along for the ride. And maybe later this afternoon I'll get that dress cut out - ready to get my dining room table back yet again. Fingers crossed that Hubby is released to golf again! And swim! I'll have to admit that during his two week period of inactivity I've been more inactive too - need to get back on my swimming schedule! I've only swum once this week. :(

On Naming My Hexagon Quilt:

Thanks for the suggestions! So far we have-

From Donna:
All A Buzz

From Val:
Bee Dance
Undulating Bees
The Path to the Hive is Always Full of Curves

From Glenda:
Curvaceous Bees

From SGB:

From Angie:
Honeycomb Lace

All great ideas! Let's keep them coming! I can't say that one is jumping out to me just yet. I'd LOVE to have more names to pick from! Remember...someone will receive a free Curved Hexagon Ruler! Y'all are awesome!

Have a special day!


  1. The Bee's Knees
    Don't worry, Bee Happy

  2. I thought of a name for your quilt. "Julia's Hive"

  3. A Busy Bee's Path
    Beeing Creative

  4. Some good ideas for the quilt!! I'm at a loss! never good at names for my work!

  5. You have some wonderful hours ahead of you watching "Doc Martin". That was my favorite show when it was on TV. Great names all.

  6. Queen Bee's Hexie Hive
    Honeycomb Hexies

  7. I noticed my name wasn't on your list, and it seems that there are a few more on yesterday's post that didn't show up in today's post. You may have more than you think! ;o)

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! All the comments are not coming through my email as they are supposed to...

  8. BEE Curvalicious! How's that for a name? LOL!

  9. Bee-Warm-My-Honey
    HuggaBee Quilt

    Bee Thankful Quilt

    : )

  10. A Bee's Tale? Because bees communicate locations with tail waggling (so I've been told), maybe something like Tail Waggler's Honey, or just The Bee's Waggles. I'm sure you'll find just the perfect thing. Honey Maker's Secret. Land of Milk and Honey. The Secret Hive. Or oooh! The Honey Trap!

  11. How about Curvaceously Creative Bees. Sorry I can't spell at all. Or maybe Bee Creatively Curvy Bees. Honey Dance or Hive Dance. Circling the Hive. Ther are a million possibilities. Enjoy the hunt.


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