Thursday, December 22, 2016

Slowly, But Surely

Since my schedule seems to be off kilter this week, I decided to machine quilt yesterday. I didn't quite finish the final corner, but I certainly will today. Yay!!! Do you see the empty lot out the window? Someone has bought it and will begin building their home early next year. We are thrilled! They seem to be very nice people and will make a great addition to our neighborhood.

And I did a bit of this last night. It's coming along! I will always think of Doc Martin when I see these pieces - we've watched this show a LOT during this process. I'm sad to say that we only have two episodes left and will probably finish them today. Will miss Doc and Louisa...

The doggies have finally realized that they don't have to play non-stop. They now take nap breaks! Of course they remain side by side! Today is the day the pine straw crew is spreading fresh straw in all our yards (it is included with our HOA) and the dogs are keeping a close eye out the windows.

And now it's time to take these buddies out for a hike! The weather is warm and sunny and we should have a great time. And then back home again to quilt! And a quick run to the post office to mail something off. Should be a wonderful day!

We are expecting warm (70 degrees F) on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yes, that's unseasonable warm for even us way down here in Alabama - this is winter! But that's fine with us - more hiking opportunities!

Make it a great day!


  1. Love the pups relaxing! HA Your projects are coming right along! We're expected to have weather in high 30's - low 40's! Fine with me...I worry about the kids traveling to our house!! Happy holidays!

  2. I have a table to the back of my domestic and one to the left side to help keep my big quilts off the edges. You are the quilting diva with yours! Our weather is rainy and in the 50s, but we're all thankful for any drops that come our way. Merry Christmas.


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