Friday, December 16, 2016

More Baskets Galore!

Yesterday was a HUGE day as far as baskets go. I just kept going and going and going! And guess what? I'm done! I've stitched down ALL the handles! So next week I'll move this quilt along to another step. I'm considering making some little nine patches to add to the mix...

Last night I worked on basting more hexies. I'm going for the black fabrics for this section. 

One of my kind readers let me know that there are more possible names for my quilts that I haven't seen! I get the comments via my email, and apparently some were a bit delayed in arriving. I assure you I have see them all now!

I listed them for Hubby yesterday as we drove to Montgomery and he came up with one of his own: Honey, I'm Home! So everyone is in on the act! 

Keep them coming! I still haven't made a decision!

(And in case you are wondering...Hubby was released to play golf! He is still not allowed to swim for one more week though...and I got compliments from the doctor for caring for his wound so well!)

Yesterday afternoon we noticed THREE deer just across the street from our home, feeding on tender rye grass. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE living here?

Today is HEXIE day!!! So I will be basting and stitching and cutting more fabric - what fun! AND I still have fabric and pattern pieces covering the dining room table - I'm determined to cut out that dress today!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!


  1. Those baskets are so cute. Glad your DH was let play golf - I know how much he loves to play. So looking forward to this next block. Stay warm.

  2. The deer are just so sweet to watch! With all our snow, we get to see the deer tracks around our house; around my neighbors and back into the farmers field behind us! We just love do dogs! They'll see them out back sometimes before I do!


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