Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dresdens and Hexies and a Deer!

Two Dresden Plates made yesterday! With two more in progress. As you can see, these aren't as perfect as the first one I made. That black line is not is a perfect circle. Ugh!

This one is a little better, but still a bit off. This is a result of my cutting, not my sewing. There is not a lot I can do about it at this point, other than ripping it all out - trimming some of the blades and resewing. Then I would need a larger circle to appliqué over the center.

I vote to leave it as is! And my vote is the only one that counts!

3 done...25 to go!

Last night I finished the star points on my curved hexie project. I'm happy now - so glad I remade these. Someone asked it I have a name for this quilt yet. NO! And I NEED one! 

Want to help a girl out? Here are the facts:
1. Made with my curved hexies
2. Using Bee Creative fabric line featuring bees and hives and honeycombs

Please send me your ideas! If I choose your quilt name, I'll send you a FREE Curved Hexagon ruler! Get your creative juices flowing!

And what is that under the hexies???? Oh dear...another new project? I have to confess - yes. I'm attempting to make myself a dress. We'll see how this works out. This will involve LOTS of hand sewing - it will be a slow going process. More about this later...

Yesterday as we left the house for a hike we had a deer sighting just across the street - always fun to see these beautiful creatures. Cooper never barks at the deer - he just reverently stares. What a sweet dog.

Today is another machine quilting day for me - more progress to be made on Allietare. And maybe I'll get that dress cut out? We'll see.

I've had a request for a post about fabric selection for Bliss - good idea! I'll work on that for the near future. At the rate I'm going on Allietare, I'll be ready to baste and begin quilting Bliss the week after Christmas! Unless I want to add a border...hmmmm...need to think about that. 

Christmas preparations around here are easy this year. I'm not making any Christmas cookies or cakes. I miss doing that, but we aren't eating them so there is no need to waste my time. I never got around to sending out Christmas cards either. I'm not Bah Humbug - it's just that this year was so filled with moving and a wedding and moving and a death and moving. We're relaxing and enjoying the season quietly. Just what we needed! The gifts have been purchased - just need to stick them in gift bags and call it done!

Don't forget to send my your ideas for naming my newest Curved Hexagon quilt!

And have a creative day!


  1. Bee Dance
    Undulating Bees
    The Path to the Hive is Always Full of Curves

  2. How about Honeycomb Lace? That first star looks lacey to me.

  3. How about A-Round The Hive? BTW I just LOVE this block!!!

  4. "Hexes are Home for the Bees" or "A Hexie Home for Bees"
    Love seeing the progress on this one.

  5. Well, there's always Do Bee Do Bee Do! (Think Frank Sinatra)


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