Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No Sewing, But a Fun Day!

Yesterday we headed out EARLY to Tuscaloosa to spend the day with Daughter2 and SIL2 (and their kitties). We had a wonderful day! We visited and laughed and opened presents. (I got a LuLaRoe outfit!)

Then we went out for lunch at the Cypress Inn on the river...

...and fed the fish!

We made a stop in Birmingham on the way home to visit Hubby's father grave.

It was a great day! Daughter 1 and SIL1 stayed behind and spent the afternoon with our doggies (THANK YOU!) - there was a hike and lots of playing involved!

I was so tired last night - went to bed at 8:45! Of course I woke up before 6 this morning, raring to go.

Today I'll get back on my schedule - Gardenvale is up - stitching dresden plates! And I do have plans to swim, also - I've only been swimming a couple of times in the last three weeks. I need and want to get back in the pool! Oh, and the Christmas decorations need to come down - maybe later this afternoon? Time to get back on track!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


  1. How nice you could spend the day with family. We take down decorations on the 12th day of Christmas when we host our family Three Kings Day - food, fun and presents. Happy stitching!


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