Monday, December 19, 2016

Tips for BLISS Fabric Selection!

You asked for it - some tips for BLISS!

Firstly, I tried to include images of things I love in my quilt (hence the name, Bliss!). Bicycles, flowers, dogs, etc. I was open to ANY colors - no limits here for me!

The quilt is basically overlapping hexie flower units. I did try to make each unit cohesive by using color. For example, I decided one unit would have lots of green (see it in the upper right of the picture?). I went through my green stash looking for cool images and patterns.

I tried to include fussy cutting throughout the quilt - so I wanted fabrics that worked for this - look at the repeats on your fabric (how often the pattern repeats itself. I found it was helpful to buy quarter or half yards of fabric (not fat quarters) to get plenty of repeats of an image.

Throw in some solids! I used solid fabric here and there to give the eye a place to rest. I would coordinate the color to the unit on which I was working.

Black and white! I also placed graphic black and white prints here and there throughout the entire quilt. A bit of black and white pulled the variety of colors together.

For those newbies to my blog, the instructions to Bliss can be found in a tab at the top of the blog - Hexie Love is Now Free. You will need the Curved Hexagon Ruler to make the quilt. If you'd like to purchase one ($24.00 with free shipping to USA), email me with your Paypal email address- I'll be shipping them beginning January. You will also need 2" hexagon papers (2" per side!) - I no longer sell these.

The finished size of the quilt (without borders) will be 58" by 78".  Of course you could add borders as you like! This is a bit smaller than I'd originally planned, but is a great size I think.

I hope this helps as you begin your Bliss journey!

Yesterday was all about hand cutting. Fussy hand cutting. I cut out the next Farmer's Daughter block -  I love to fussy cut the pieces - there will be surprises throughout this quilt! Love the little dog face! (For those non-quilters who read my blog: 'fussy cutting' is cutting the fabric so an image or pattern is centered in the piece.)

And then I did LOTS of fussy cutting for the no-name hexie quilt. I even got some basting done on this.

Today is machine quilting day - let's see how much I can get done on Allietare. I would LOVE to finish the quilting this week, if at all possible.

Let's make it a great day!!!

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