Monday, December 12, 2016

Four Patches and Quilting!

Twosies! Yes, I worked on En Provence yesterday. Here are my twosies all laid out in identical piles. I did this for a reason. I picked up the first one and sewed it to the second one. Then I paired the first with the third, etc, etc. This ensured lots of variety in my four patches. I only ended up with one four patch that had the same two fabrics in it - that will be an "Eye Spy" game for when the quilt is completed!

I sewed all the four patches but have not pressed them yet. I'll get that done in little bits of time throughout the week.

I'm predicting the next clue will be either half square triangles or flying geese since Bonnie is hinting about using the Essential Triangle tool soon.

Since machine quilting is to happen today, I decide to get my machine ready. I oiled and cleaned her. I replaced the needle. I set up my thread holder with a big cone of Aurofil thread. I installed my stitch regulator. Hmmm.....let's just stitch a bit to get a head start!

And so I did! I'm simply stitching a medium sized meander. Bonnie Hunter quilts are typically so busy that detailed quilting is not needed. I'm happy to say it is looking good! My biggest challenge with the stitch regulator is to NOT move my hands and the quilt too fast. Slow down! When I move too fast the stitches can't keep up and it simply stops sewing. And I don't blame it!

Slow down! A good lesson in life, too, don't you think?

Last night we attended a Christmas Festival at our church. A full choir. An orchestra. And lots of Christmas music! It lasted more than two hours with an intermission. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was! What fun!

Angie sent me an e-mail yesterday - she has just started making Bliss and sent me a link to her blog telling about it - find it here! She'd making excellent progress and her fabrics are lovely! Any one else have pictures to share? I'd love to see them!

Once Allietare is quilted....Bliss will be up next! Can't wait for my finished quilt!

So today....I'll continue machine quilting. I hope to be approximately one third done today. Fingers crossed!

Have a great one!


  1. Great way to mix up thos3 four-patches!

  2. Wow - a two hour concert! Wish we had something like that around here. Thanks for the shout out of my Bliss. Almost done with the first round. Today I'm working on my part 3 of En Provence. Blessings,


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