Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Machine Quilting and Preserved Lemons!

The quilting went splendidly yesterday. I would estimate I am one fourth done with the quilt.

You might need to click on the photo to see it closer...but here's another shot. I'm getting more accustomed to my stitch regulator - I was correct...the key is to move the quilt slowly! Since I am allowing myself another day of machine quilting this week I'll be working on it again tomorrow. If I do the same next week I'll have it ready for binding by Christmas. Yay!

Last night I made the Preserved Lemons. This lemon was almost too big for the jar mouth! But in she went!

I have to shake or tip the jar a few times per day. They need to sit on the counter for 3 days and then I'll move them to the refrigerator. The lemons will be ready in 3 weeks after that. Don't they look pretty?

We hiked yesterday before the rain hit. Look at this pretty moss we spotted on the Crepe Myrtle trees in the neighborhood! Such a pretty color!

I did get my En Provence purple four patches pressed yesterday - a good activity while talking on the phone!

Today Gardenvale is up - I'll be sewing Dresden Plates! The rain will be back soon so it's a good day to stay in and stitch. Which is exactly what I'll do!

Best to you and yours today!

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  1. The machine quilting is coming along beautifully. Are you doing a quarter at a time? The lemons do look pretty. I've finished the first 7 hexies of Bliss; now considering fabric for the next twelve. I find that the most time consuming and difficult. Thank goodness I have the Marti Michell Folding Magic Mirror - very helpful. Maybe I'll have something to share next Sunday. Stay warm and happy sewing.


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