Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hexies! And Craftiness!

Ring around the hexie! Looking good, I think! But it's not done yet. I have twelve more curved hexies to add to this.

So yesterday I cut more papers and I cut more fabric. Last night I basted half of them. Making progress!

And here's yesterday craft project. We made cotton boll branches. Simply glue a cotton ball at the end of each branch and glue pine cone niblets (I don't know what the correct name is!) to the base of each cotton ball. There you have it! I love the rustic simplicity. And it speaks to my adoration of cotton! Sure you can buy fake cotton branches at Hobby Lobby, but it was fun to make our own.

And we stuck a few in the back hallway where we'd hung these little wall vases.

I've skipped two days of swimming, so I MUST make myself go this morning. And then? I think I'll cut some strips for the En Provence - Clue 2. Then when it's my day to stitch, I'll have them all ready. And then maybe I'll finish the latest Farmer's Daughter block. And wash a load of clothes. And watch TV.

Have a wonderful day! Go forth and hexie!


  1. Cute! Love the phrase: "Go Forth and Hexie" Inspiring.

  2. I'm still crazy about this hexie block!!!! And how clever on the little cotton branches. They are so cute!!!
    I've been in a 'no sewing' mode of late...wrists are back yelling at I'm trying to yell at the dr. office to get two more injections...UGH...frustrating...hate wasting time sitting and just watching the boob tube...


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