Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting...

I machine quilted another quarter of Allietare yesterday - no photos though. One quarter left! Yay. Machine quilting is not my favorite, but it must be done to have a finished quilt! Since retiring, I've decided to quilt all my tops myself...unless it's something REALLY special. Like maybe a 'bee' related hexie quilt. Ha! I do all my quilting on my domestic machine - Bernina 750.

I'm planning to quilt En Provence 'quilt as you go' - using my quilting rulers. It will be fun to try a different method.

As you can see I did a bit of hand sewing last night. To Doc Martin. Sad that we are now watching the last season...

Today: dresdens! Gardenvale! And I may sneak in some machine quilting or some En Provence. We'll see.

Some of you may wonder if I spend all day long, every single day, sewing. NO! I do other things. Cook. Clean. Wash clothes. Swim. Hike. Run errands. I do try to devote 2 hours per weekday to machine sewing. That's just 10 hours per week! My hand sewing is relaxing time - watching TV with hubby.

I wish you a happy day!


  1. I just started to watch Doc Martin last night and so far I'm only at the part where the plumbers are coming to the 'office! HA Hubby wanted to watch a movie we had tivo'd.

  2. I enjoy watching Doc Martinas well, it is up there listed as one of my favourit shows.

    I admir you so much, doing your quilitng on on your domestic sewing machine. I quilt on mine as well, but nothing fancy, only cross-hatching, or a little shadow quilting.


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