Thursday, December 8, 2016


And so...basting happened. But it is not finished. Love my Allietare top! My dining room table is working great for basting. And I have my choice of 8 chairs in which to sit while basting. I can move from chair to chair to chair to chair! 

And why was the basting not finished? My pine straw basket full of brass safety pins is now empty. Must buy more tomorrow. Until then the dining room table will be covered with a quilt. Not a bad thing, I think.

And while I was basting...not a creature was stirring. Cooper wrapped himself in a quilt on the floor.

 Mickey (can you see his nose?) took over Cooper's bed with another quilt.

And I made bread yesterday - here are my three loaves of dough ready for their final rise. We've been out of bread for two days. I broke down and bought a loaf. It was the closest thing to my homemade oatmeal wheat seeded version that I could find and it was $5.00! Oh my! So expensive! And it wasn't nearly as good.  I put the remainder of the store bought loaf in the freezer, just in case of emergency, but this morning we get to have the yummy homemade bread with our eggs for breakfast.

This morning I need to run out and buy safety pins. And my basket UFO is up on the schedule. I'm so glad that all my projects are inching forward! 

Best to you all today!


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful on the table. Something to consider with a UFO top - using it as a tablecloth with just a backing and no (or flannel) batting. I love the smell of a kitchen when bread is baking.

  2. Quilt is wonderful and looks good on the table! Mickey is SO cute...had to look close for his nose/head! Adorable...Cooper has always been a doll. And I can just smell that bread!! YUM!!!

  3. That bread looks yummy, and sound delicious. I buy oatmeal bread because I'm too lazy to make mine these days. The quilt looks great!


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