Thursday, December 1, 2016

Four patches and a Hike

I didn't plan to blog this morning, but I ended up having a bit of time after all so here goes!

Neutral four patches: check! I made mine from 2.5 inch strips (instead of 2 inch strips as Bonnie called for). Because I make the units bigger, I need fewer units. How many should I make? Good question... glad I asked. 

Well, it's a guessing game. In my past experience with making a couple of BH mysteries, I know that she will probably have two different blocks combined in this quilt. I'm guessing that these four patches will be in one of the blocks and that there will be four in each block. Make sense so far? And so, I make these in set of four. I decided to make 15 sets of four (60 four patches). If I need a few more at the end of the mystery I can easily make them. Clue 1 is complete!

Yesterday after our swim, I went with Hubby on my first hike in months. Okay, it was a short one, but still... It was so good to be back in the woods. Cooper led the way and my foot did great! 

We got home before the big rain and storm came along. MUCH needed rain. We were under a Tornado Watch for awhile, but we missed the tornado. Thank goodness.

We're off to Montgomery in a few minutes. I'll be stitching down basket handles in the waiting room. And then we'll both be ready for a nap this afternoon since we got up so early.

Lots of love to you all today!


  1. A walk in the woods just makes the day perfect doesn't it!! Glad you had fun doing the 'math' for the mystery! HA

  2. I just may follow along with your version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I already have so many 2.5" strips, plus it might get done if the blocks are a bit bigger/faster. I will be reading with interest.

  3. I'm making essentially a 4th of the quilt - they come out to a good enough lap quilt size. Maybe this time I'll make a table topper.


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