Sunday, October 2, 2016

Football Day!

It was a beautiful day for a football game yesterday! The weather has cooled a bit in the last few days. We were only hot for the first quarter; then the sun moved a bit and we were in the shade for the rest of the game.

That photo of the white Auburn logo floating the air - that's apparently a new addition to pregame this year. There is a machine on the sideline that makes these logo shaped bubble creations that float up and away. Each is made of thousands of little soap bubbles. Really cool!

Hubby and I were in our happy place!

And the band was in fine form. We so enjoyed our day on campus!

I finished basting my hexie pieces on Friday before we left the lake. Friday afternoon was spent doing laundry and buying groceries. So today I'm ready to machine stitch my hexie pieces together. And maybe I'll do a bit of feather quilting, too.

Friday afternoon various neighbors stopped by to offer condolences and bring food - we love our neighbors!

You know, when Hubby came home after being gone for so long, I had already increased my walking. He has jumped on the bandwagon. We try to walk a bit more each day. I tell him when I'm 'halfway tired' and we turn around and go back. This morning when I told him, he said I should pretend I'm only 3/8's of the way tired. Okay, I was game. We ended up walking (with Cooper) for almost 3 miles. We'll take a shorter walk this evening. I love that we push each other.

Now it's time to make some bread. While it's rising I can sew!

Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad I have the dogs to walk. It's a great exercise and so good to keep us moving. Wish my hubby would walk with me. I think that's wonderful!!!

  2. I love that you walk with your husband! What fun pics of the game. I have an Auburn hoodie, but because I live in Knoxville, where UT takes it's sports VERY seriously, I usually don't wear it in the fall, except around the house. Though the orange might be mistaken for UT, there's no way to make the Auburn letters look like anything else. LOL A friend of mine was a Pharmacy professor at Auburn - head of the department in fact. I know he misses that, but his wife is not doing well, so it's as well he retired.


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