Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Finished Quilt Top!

I got the navy borders on Allietare! The border will not stay this wide - after quilting I'll scallop the edge and use orange binding. 

Then I played with the paint chips. Okay...I like the fabric in these colors much better than on the cards. I'm in with Bonnie's colors! I know that Bonnie called for a single constant magenta, but I'm pulling from what I've got - true scrappy!

 I've pulled some neutrals, too - see them over to the right? I'm thinking I may like more WHITEs though - those tans look a bit blah next to the pretty colors... may look for some white prints in Houston. 

I had ordered some new insoles to help my poor foot and they came in yesterday. These are from The new one is on the right side of the photo. You can see how much more support it has then the one from the shoe...

I got new shoes yesterday after the insoles came. I took them with me shopping to make sure the shoe and the insoles worked together. I've had them on all day and they have done so well. FANTASTIC, in fact. Houston, here I come with my new shoes and insoles! My feet are loving me now!

I've already got a pot of stew simmering in the slow cooker this morning - dinner tonight! As soon as we finish our tea/coffee we're headed to the pool. And then...a day of watching football and sewing!

Hope you have a great day, too!


  1. New shoes make the feet sing sometimes! I'm looking forward to the finished border on Allietare.

  2. I had some soles like that made by the nhs for me, re placements were £108 a pair .... sighhhh

  3. Love your Allietare! I will decide when I get mine quilted if I want the scalloped borders or not. I don't have the paint chips yet for the new mystery and may not play along this year. It is the crazy time of year at work for me and last year I was stressed trying to keep up with the steps. I will print out the clues, though, so I have them if I want to make the quilt later. Love the fabrics you have pulled!

    Sandy A

  4. Have a great time in Houston!!! I haven't been in years!!! I'm lucky we head to Florida in the winter! I'm such a home body. Glad you got some good shoes and support(s)...nothing worse than feet hurting!!! Especially at the Huston show!!

  5. Love your Allietare! I chose not to do that one as I already have a top and a half to finish. Like how you plan to finish it.

  6. I've never done a mystery quilt before and I've decided to go in on this one. I am altering my colors though. I have a stash I got from a friend's mother-in-law and I am trying to use only those fabrics to use it up since it calls for 11.5 yards! My purples are greens. My grassy green is aqua and my constant is a mix of bright salmon. Saw a picture of a pretty quilt from MODA and trying to pull those colors together.
    Like those shoes, too.

  7. So glad you get to come to Houston! I live here (on the NW side) & feel so lucky to attend the International Quilt Festival each year!!! I can't wait to see the La Passacaglia display and all the other quilts! And don't get me started on the shopping! Oh boy!!! Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the show!!!

  8. Your colors look great together, and I do love scrappy! Enjoy the walking in Houston in those new shoes with new insoles. Those do look very supportive. Your navy border looks great!


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