Friday, October 21, 2016

I Found It!!!!

You know I've been looking for my Bernina Stitch Regulator for months! I was convinced I'd taken it to the lake when we moved there for a couple of months. But it never turned up. We've searched the cottage high and low (yes, I got Hubby in on the hunt, too). And I only have a few boxes left in storage for my sewing room - I was beginning to get concerned.

I sold my large Koala sewing cabinet to a friend recently. When she and her husband picked it up not long ago, the cabinet was still wrapped for moving. I told her I might have left some things in the drawers and to please put them aside for me. VOILA! She brought me a bag of stuff from the drawers last night and there it was on top! I'm a happy camper!

My next Farmer's Daughter block is coming together - all Kaffe and Brandon fabric! Happy block!

Last night was our guild meeting. I took lots of photos of Show and Tell, but today I'm sharing this little quilt. I don't know why, but this one spoke to me. What a great use of leftover half square triangles! I may have to make one of these...someday.

So yesterday I swam 28 laps! Going for 30 today! I enjoy it so much - one reason I like to swim is that it's the only cardio exercise where I don't sweat. I don't like to sweat - haha! And I can burn more calories by swimming than I can from walking the same amount of time. LOADS more!

But first this morning...I think I'll watch Project Runway.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. A relief, I'm sure to find your stitch regulator. I misplaced some Sulky 12 wt. embroidery thread and turned my studio upside down looking for it before I found it underneath fabric yet to be folded on my cutting table.

  2. Phew - glad that was found. Keep up the good swimming work.

  3. are becoming the Esther Williams of today!! Good for you!!! Have you ever watched Steampunk'd on Netflix? I think it's on one of the channels but I just happened to start watching's like Project Runway but Steampunk work...really interesting and kinda cool!

  4. As long as the pool is heated, I like swimming. LOL That's a great number of laps, too. I'm so happy you found your stitch regulator! That's expensive to replace.


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