Friday, October 7, 2016

Marking Tools for Fabric!

As you know, I still have several boxes of my quilting supplies hidden somewhere in storage. I do have a white marking pencil here at the cottage, but no other marking tools. A few days ago I needed to mark a circle (for quilting) on white fabric. AND I didn't feel like getting out of the house just to buy a blue washable marking pen.

I started looking through a closet and found these. Hmmm. Light bulb moment!

And 48 colors! 

I went to work with my fancy schmancy template (cereal bowl!) and it worked like a charm! The instructions on the crayon box say it washes completely out of fabric - I'll know for sure once I've finished the quilting and binding and give it a spin in the washing machine. I'll keep you posted on this. (NOTE: look in the background and you can see some of my feathers!)

Here's a shot from yesterday's hike - which lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes! We were all pooped pups after that.

I'm almost done stitching the rest of the hexies together for Bliss! So excited! Hope to finish this today and then get on with the pattern writing.

Hoping to find some time for some machine quilting today, too.


  1. Crayons! I didn't know they had ultra-clean crayons too. I used the ultra-clean markers - you can see that here: Think I would like the crayons better as they won't soak into the fabric to make it harder to wash out - although my first attempt washed clean the first time - yeah! And glory be - there's a white one in there - perfect for black fabric. Thanks for this post - look forward to seeing your quilt. Blessings,

  2. Thanks,I didn´t know they are for makring fabrics.

  3. Very clever use of what's on hand!


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