Monday, October 10, 2016

MORE Fabric?

So yesterday....

We loaded a large chest of drawers onto the trailer to take to storage.

We spent about 2 hours moving boxes around, many of them stacked to the ceiling.

We found a many of the items we were looking for:
Throw pillows for our sofa!
Quilting books!
Quilting rulers!
Accuquilt dies!
More fabric! .......WHAT???

I know. We ran across the boxes of fabric I packed near the end - when I was sick of packing. Yes, a few boxes with fabric simply tossed in. A mess!

We loaded 10 boxes to bring home for sorting. I have my work cut out for me this week. Note to self: DO NOT BUY FABRIC IN HOUSTON! (I'll try.)

We came home and unloaded the trailer. Ate lunch. Rushed back over to Daughter 1's house. She and her hubby were nice enough to keep our safe in their garage during all our moves this year. They helped us move it onto the trailer. Keep in mind it probably weighs 1000 pounds, if not more.

We hauled it home. Hubby and I (yes, just the two of us) managed to get it off the trailer, into the house, through the house, and into it's new spot. This process took 3 hours, lots of engineering, lots of muscles. Hubby called me Wonder Woman - I definitely did my part. Let's hope we never have to move it again! We were exhausted last night, but we had no pulled muscles or injuries. SUCCESS!


  1. Success indeed. Now as the that

  2. Good on no pulled muscles - that can hurt! More fabric, who woulda thought? Good to sort through stuff every few years, though I don't really want to move again myself.


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