Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Assembly Required

Yesterday was a wonderful hexie day!!! I'm almost finished stitching the last section of Bliss together. Today I'll complete that process and photograph it. And then I'll be stitching all the sections together - maybe tomorrow? SO EXCITED!

Can't wait to quilt it - yes, with my quilting rulers!

Pattern coming SOON!

I also swam 22 laps (oh yes, I did!) and unpacked 5 bins. Today will be more of the same - should be a good day!

Last night I made a batch of healthy oatmeal pumpkin bars. They have very little sugar. The house smelled so good while they were baking! Did I mention they have very little sugar? We couldn't wait to have some after dinner. Oh, and they have very little sugar. Hubby took one bite and said, "They'd be good if they had more sugar." HA! I told him to imagine it's bread with a touch of sweetness instead of a bar cookie with very little sugar. It's all in your perspective, right?

Have a sweet day!


  1. I wonder if Hubby might like them with just a light dusting of confectioner's sugar on top? The tongue will taste the sweetness directly, but still 'very little sugar'. In my own house, the faint praise sounds like, "Pretty good. For something that isn't chocolate." Oh well.

  2. LOL. Robby, that would be the comment here at my house. I add a packet of Splenda and keep the amount of sugar low that way and nobody complains about the sweetness. Love your Bliss!

  3. Wow, your Bliss lokks fabulous. Cannot wait to see completed quilt.

    We have a lot of pumpkins at present and your bar sound yummy. Where did you find the recipe? Please.

  4. The bliss quilt is coming along nicely! Interesting that you are going low sugar...we are too! Pumpkin bars sound delicious. I may have to try the previous suggestion of confectioners sugar on items that I've cut down on the sugar😊. Thanks Robby!


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