Monday, October 24, 2016

Sappy Movie...and Another Block!

Yesterday afternoon... a nap...followed by a cup of tea and a Hallmark holiday movie. Ahhh....

I watched Pumpkin Pie Wars - a cute little romance centered around a baking contest. I recorded Fall movies on Hallmark all day Saturday so I can watch another today! I finished a Farmer's Daughter block while I watched. I needed an afternoon like that!

Today is my first day back on a schedule - Bliss pattern writing is up for today! I love being on a schedule - I get so much accomplished on so many projects. But first I need to go for a swim. I took the weekend off from the pool and I'll jump back in today. 

Oh, and last night I cut another Farmer's Girl block out. It's going to be a fun one with some Cotton and Steel fabrics. And another fond memory piece - using fabric from a challenge in the Birmingham Quilt Guild from years ago. And cute bicycles for the background - you'll see it tomorrow I think...

Until then...have a fabulous Fall day!

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