Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another Block!

I finished another Farmer's Daughter block while watching football yesterday.  I adore the little gray bicycles in the background. The is the type of white print I'd like to collect to use in my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.

 And here's a shot of four blocks side by side. I think it might be interesting to make some blocks using a darker gray background and make the fabric scraps lighter. I might just cut the next block pieces accordingly. FYI, the pattern calls for 25 of these blocks set on point...I'm getting there! I might do a 'quilt as you go' on the blocks.

This project has really brought Jen Kingwell to my attention. I love her designs! She has two new patterns out that I may look for in Houston.

After swimming (60 laps!), showers, and breakfast (in that order) we took the golf cart over to the Pickle Ball courts. There was a tournament going on and we wanted to see some games being played first hand. There were players of all levels of age, body shape, ability, and fitness. After watching a bit, we decided we could do this. It's sort of a cross between tennis and badminton - much less active than tennis. Once my foot it totally better we're going to give it a try. For now we are studying up on the rules online. 

The stew I made was really good! I used sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Yum! I froze some of it for Hubby to eat while I'm in Houston with my friends. Today is bread making day! I've already cooked a batch of chicken and put it in the freezer for him. Yesterday I taught him to cook his own eggs for breakfast. He will not starve while I'm gone! (Though he needs another egg lesson this morning.)

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Make sure you don't leave the bread where 'puppy' can get it! HA love your blocks!!!1

  2. Those blocks are purr-fect. Love them so much.

  3. We met a couple from Ohio last year while we were on our Italy tour who play pickle ball and absolutely love it. They are both about 70 years old. Have fun in Houston. Several gals from Birmingham are going also.


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