Friday, October 28, 2016

Paint Chips and Deer Hunting?

Yup, I made a trip to Lowes after my hair cut. (That's my 'no makeup' face, which is the norm for me these days!) I picked up the paint chips for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt. EEK! These are SO NOT MY COLORS! Purple and lavender and pink? I've done two Bonnie mysteries and I changed the colors for both of them. I made both of them with some orange and blues along with other colors. I had told myself that I'd stick with her colors on this one. But now I'm not so sure!

Well, I think I'll go through my precut strips and lay some things out before I decide. It would probably be good for me to go outside my usual favorite colors and it would also use up some of the colors that are not my favorites. What do you think? Should I stick with her plan?

Yesterday was for Bliss patterning - it's coming along nicely!

We've developed a fun tradition for late afternoons. We drive the golf cart around the neighborhood looking for deer. Sometimes we spot one or several. Sometimes we don't see any. Yesterday afternoon we found three. In this picture you might see two - one had just run away. If you look very closely you can see one deer looking at us and the other with her white tail sticking up, getting ready to hightail (haha!) it out of there.

Today Allietare is up! All I have to do is cut and sew on the borders - I should be able to get that done today and put it aside for quilting. Then I'll have to move something else into Friday's lineup.

I'm skipping my swim today - my body is tired. I'll be happy to swim 4 days per week. Hubby measured the pool yesterday - this indoor pool is half the length of a traditional lap pool, which is typically 50 yards. So when I swim 50 laps in this pool, it's the equivalent of 25 laps in a regulation pool. Works for me!

Hope you have a happy day and that you find time to sew!


  1. I'm having similar reservations about the colour palette. It's a big project to sew if the fabrics don't make your heart sing...

  2. Wow...I'm still impressed with your swimming!!! Good for seeing the deer...we have wild turkey and deer! Gotta love nature!

  3. I'll be interested in seeing what you decide about colors.


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