Monday, October 17, 2016

Bernina- Here I Come!

Last night I stitched the remaining side pieces. These are easy peasy - all straight seams. Boy, this one has been quick! Tonight I'll start stitching the pieces together.

Yesterday I finished getting my sewing room organized! Yay! I will admit that I put the remaining bins to be unpacked in a corner of the room - still need to get to those. BUT, I can now sew at my machine again!

And sew, I will!!!! Today I'll be working on BLISS!!!! And that makes me happy!

Hubby hauled all the broken down boxes to a recycling center for me - we have one very close by. And I think my organizing week inspired him, too. Yesterday he spent hours cleaning and organizing our outdoor storage room. And he washed and vacuumed BOTH cars.

Hubby is off to the golf course this morning. I'm off to the pool. And then I'll be sitting at my Bernina!

Have a happy day!


  1. Does this make three blocks? All beautiful. Keep up the good swim.

  2. This is a great looking block!!!


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