Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Digging Out an Old Project...

Last night I wanted something mindless to hand sew while we watched TV. Remember this? 'I'm A Farmer's Daughter' pattern by Jen Kingwell. I found the pattern, my homemade templates, and one block in progress. If I'm remembering correctly I had already made two blocks, but alas...I think they are buried in storage. That's okay. I have the important part. It's seems a lifetime ago since I last worked on this.

Yesterday I got my pile of basted hexie pieces stitched together and I laid them out in their design. Today I'll be cutting more fabric for more hexie - moving forward!

A note about Bliss:
I promised to provide the rest of the pattern by the end of the year. And I will! I've decided to make the quilt a bit smaller than originally planned, but I'm almost finished! So the next instructions I provide will be the final section! Yay!

I also did a bit of feather quilting on my 'Summer on the Beach' quilt - it's coming along very nicely. I love a day where I work on a few different projects - makes me feel so productive!

Have a great day!

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