Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Hexies

I added these striped hexies to the mix yesterday. This fabric really says Fall to me! Speaking of which, we've really enjoyed the cooler weather lately. I know we have more hot days to come, but this is a nice respite.

I have some exciting news! I have ALL the hexies made to complete BLISS!!! Yay!!!

Today I'll be sewing individual hexies together in anticipation of attaching them to the 'mother ship.' I'm thrilled with my quilt - it's looking very colorful and fun!

Yesterday (in addition to a 2 mile walk in the morning) we rode our bikes in the afternoon. Our neighborhood is great for this - mostly flat and little traffic on the side roads. Yes, we wore helmets. What fun!

Have a fun day!


  1. Well, you go girl!!! You are getting so much exercise!!! But it's SO nice to be out in this beautiful fall weather, isn't it!! Good for you both!!! And love the 'fall' fabric for the hexies!!

  2. Lucky you having a flat neighborhood! I live on a 45 degree hill, no exaggeration. I love these hexagons with stripes! They will be so much fun in the mix.


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